Friday 5 October 2012


Here is a photo of the Colmar quilt made by:-

 Leila, Janet, Dagmar, Val, Rosemary, Lorna, Viv, Pat, Lois, Helen, Hazel and Sue

A prize is being offered if you can guess who is behind the quilt

together with a story of how it came about, written by Sue Wilson....

A group of 12 friends are we
we meet once a week regularly
To Bradmore we go
to supposedly sew
and eat cake and drink coffee and tea,

A quilt made by all, was the cry,
A decision was made by and by,
A photo was “rent”
into equal segment
a piece given to all for a try !!

A few rules were needed we thought,
The colours to be represent
The edges to be
like the photo we see
making joining together less fraught.

Like all groups, whatever you do,
The quick ones, there are just a few !!
Took it away
 and were finished next day
while the rest stitched till the deadline was due.

Janet, the brave, took the bits
to link all together 16 “kits”
She sewed by the mile
with always a smile
But I am sure that it got on her T—s  -nerves.

When we saw it together at last
we stood open mouthed aghast!!
It’s good enough to show-
to Uttoxeter must go
So parcelled up and sent rather fast.

Well we won 1st prize at the event
so “geed up “ to Malvern we sent
a second in show
to the NEC it could go
Highly Commended, came back the comment.

To Cosby Quilts, 5 of us belong
so we thought we would take it along,
To show and to tell
on the blog now as well
This ode took me almost as long.

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