Friday 23 November 2012


Angie Hughes Lecture ‘Myself & My Work’ was followed by a workshop ‘Mixed Media Book Covers’ which was indeed a mixed media delight.  We started making the book wraps by using simple hand stitching onto pelmet Vilene, this was sealed with a coat of gesso and then enhanced using layers of acrylic paint.  The group happily dabbled in colours ranging from bright, clashing colour schemes to soft, delicate layers of stitch, paint and paper punched daisies.  There was a vast array of (almost) finished book covers (see photos) that I am sure will inspire many of our members to rush back to our sales table to stock up on more Vilene to produce books galore for Christmas presents!!
Thanks Angie for a great paint splashing day!

Viv Densham 

Angie is a very enthusiastic 
and inspiring teacher
The girls worked so hard, not a moment to spare

 This is a sample of the work produced

Thursday 22 November 2012

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has supported me with this Intercare appeal, and contributed so much.
Some ladies have made numerous quilts, some have donated materials, some have given medicines for the charity.  I know some people have even purchased medical items which are desperately needed.
The overall response I have received  has been quite overwhelming.
You have also been very generous with your donations for the Christmas Fayre on 1st December (Blaby Baptist Church, Northfield Road, Blaby).  We have received some truly beautifully made items which we will be selling on the 1st.

Another Thank You to the ladies who have volunteered to help our Group on an informal basis.
It's good to know we can call upon you when we need extra help, and it's good to be working as a team.

Vicky and the Committee
I know that a lot of you  have seen the photos which were forwarded on by Carol of Inter Care, but for those of you who did not make the last CQ meeting, here are some pictures taken on her recent visit to Malawi.

This is Elaine's quilt (above)

You will recall that she went out to Malawi with the BBC 'INSIDE OUT' Team, a few weeks ago, and somehow, as if by magic, five babies were born on the day of their arrival.  (Strange but true).
She said how wonderful it was to be able to hand the quilts to the young mothers, who had often travelled great distances to give birth in the maternity units.  Some of these mothers would give birth, and then travel back to their villages soon after.
They also received a hand knitted Teddy which each quilt, which was a scheme organised by Lutterworth Rotary Club.
It was especially good that one of the pictures shows a quilt made by Elaine.
A special mention goes to Elaine who has been very supportive, and worked along side me all the way on this project.  She obviously has a lot of good friends in various sewing groups, and I will mention Countesthorpe Piecemakers, and Village Quilters.  Although I do know there are many other groups who have worked just a diligently.
The total number of quilts handed to Intercare is 146.
More than half of the first delivery have already been consigned to various addresses, usually at least two per box, along with a teddy or two.
Elaine has donated one of her quilts to Inter Care for them to use in their Christmas Raffle.
Whilst at their premises, we were shown another aspect of their fund raising...
They have collated a considerable library, and these books are then offered for sale on the internet.  It is helping their fundraising endeavours, so do bear this in mind if you have books to dispose of.
You can get in touch with me at this or 0116 2775710

CHERISHED MEMORIES - 27 October 2012

Several of us spent a fun day with Viv, at the Village Hall in Ashby Magna, where we were shown how to create beautiful little pages in which to put photos, momentoes, or keepsakes.
Viv explained her techniques carefully and precisely, and then led us through the various stages.   She aided those who needed it - some more than others.
But it was a great day, with some new faces to our group.
As usual, there were the 'I'm going to make three of these' group, and the 'I'll be lucky to get this finished' group.  But we all worked together, in a very jolly atmosphere.
I'm sure everyone will agree, it was another fun day, and we all look forward to booking Viv for some more of her workshops

Here is a sample of some of the work produced.

A sample of Jan's work

Both of these are Pat's handiwork

Thursday 1 November 2012

(Corner of Dorset Avenue, and Saffron Road,

are holding a:-


on Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th December 2012

from  10.30. am to

Goods for sale, including hand made bags

Forthcoming events:

Blaby Baptist Church
Northfield Road, Blaby, Leicestershire, LE8 4GU

 Christmas Fayre
Saturday 1st December 2012

There will be stalls representing various charitable organisations, including:-


There will also be stalls selling:-
Bric-a-brac, Cakes, Cards, Handmade Crafts, Games, and more....

Refreshments and Light Lunches will be served

This will be running from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

Since Inter Care is the Chairman's designated charity,  the stall is being manned by members and friends of our Cosby Quilters.
We have some lovely items to sell, and needless to say, many of the goods on the Inter Care stall  have been made by, or donated by members of Cosby Quilters.  THANK YOU, ONCE AGAIN, YOUR GENEROSITY IS AMAZING!

We also have a range of goods from various African countries, which will be quite different to our produce. 
Inter Care also have some Christmas cards for sale, which will be on offer.

Please come along and support us on the day.... this does not mean you have to buy the goods you have donated!!  Joke!!



This machine has lots of extras, including equipment for:-
gathering, pintucking, piping, elastic insertion, cording, blind stitch.
Price £200.00.
A DVD is also available (extra)
Telephone 01455 823597