Tuesday 22 January 2019

January AGM and Speaker

At the January meeting we hold our AGM followed by a speaker.  The speaker is David Lee and his talk is entitled "Patterns of Life in Amish Quilts.

David is a Barrister in full time practice from chambers in London, specialising in serious criminal matters including rape and other sexual offences. 

Poles apart from his professional life, he has a particular interest in the Amish and their quilts arising from his early years living not far from several of their communities in the United States.  A small collection of pre-1940 quilts is the result, as well as some knowledge of their religion and historical background.

He has given several lectures/talks on the Amish and their quilts.  However, he has never placed one stitch on a quilt himself!

The annual membership fee remains unaltered at £25. The charge for non-members is £5.00 refundable if annual membership is taken out.

Everyone who takes out membership will go into a raffle in February, the result to be announced in March, and the winner will have their membership refunded.