Tuesday 30 April 2013


Pat has just sent out our 1st e mail reminder regarding workshops planned for the future.

If you don’t already know, we have Gail Lawther (an International  Patch worker from Kent), coming along to talk to us.  She has written several books, and has also made some sewing DVDs. Her talk this time is ‘Glimpses of New Zealand’, and she is doing a workshop of the same title on Thursday 2nd May we have a couple of spaces on this workshop which will be at Blaby Baptist Church. 10.00 till 4.00.

As part of our 25 years celebrations we are offering some extra workshops (several have been requested by yourselves) and I am listing them below:-

Vivs workshop   on Saturday 25th May -  A bit of book, or a book of bits
This looks like a fun workshop with Viv and I am sure we are in for a great day, There are 5 spaces on this workshop and it is being held at Ashby Magna 10.00 till 4.00  the class being limited to 15.

Also following Linda Rudkin’s talk last year we are having her to do Flower Pounding and Flower Trapping workshop.
This is on Saturday 8th June also at Ashby Magna 10.00 till 4.00.  We have quite a few spaces on this workshop so if you have a friend that might like to join the class they would be made most welcome.

We also have Ruth Jarman coming for 4 days to do a number of workshops which we are having at Frolesworth Village Hall 10.00 till 4.00  class limited to 10.

Wednesday 12th June -  Bernina Embroidery module  course, this class is for those folk with automatic embroidery module machines  ( I am sure must take a bit of sorting out).
Thursday 13th June -  Mastering the automatic memory, programming patterns and alphabet. I know some of use have done this course, but it’s usually at the end of the class (and we don’t quite get it). This class only has a couple of spaces left
Friday 14th June - Mastering your sewing machine.  Learn how to thread your machine  and set your tension correctly;  when to adjust for a perfect stich, learn about different needles, straight stitches, how to seam and neaten woven and stretch fabrics, blind and decorative hems, button holes and basic introduction to embroidery, cleaning, oiling and lot of problem solving.
Saturday 15th June -  Embroidery and Decorative stitch techniques, techniques  including satin stitch work and couching techniques, cut work, scallop hem and corded, using twin needle for embroidery, practical work pin tuck with and without cord.

And as Ruth says “ it won't just be what is on the programme, there is always new stuff with Ruth and as they haven't had me for so long there is going to be SOOOOOOOOOOOO much new stuff. If they have not done mastering then they are missing out So much. Everyone should do it, even if they have been sewing for 50 years,  New tricks!!!! Maybe the Embroidery class we should make a FUN DAY - TRICKS I have So many, Twin stain glass, Hemstitching, Turned edge Applique, Hand-look stitches”

You learn so much in Ruth’s class, and the class always over runs by at least half an hour.

All the classes are £20,  and £25 for non members who are most welcome.

Pat on behalf of Cosby Quilters


Whilst I was sitting reading a book in the sunshine of Spain, a considerable number of Cosby Quilters were enjoying a workshop given by Janet.
I understand from the comments, that it was a resounding success.

It has also become a bit of an obsession for some folk, who have made 2, 3 and 4 of the caskets.
Maybe even more, who knows.
And I missed out!!!!
Here are a couple of pictures taken during the workshop

(Yes - I know it's the wrong way, but I will try harder next time)

Comments from one of the ladies who enjoyed the day:
"Many thanks for a great workshop last Saturday. Have finished the project and am absolutely delighted with the result."