Saturday 22 March 2014

Speaker for 2nd April 2014

Sheena Norquay will be giving her talk “My Work and the Orkney Influence.

She will show how the landscapes, seas and skies of Orkney have influenced her work.

She is also interested in using quilted lines to create graceful movement, sculptural shapes and decorative patterns. Inspiration comes from relief sculpture, circles, patterns in nature, man made patterns and decoration on other textiles.  Most of the lines are free machine quilted, a technique which is my specialty. It is fascinating how the surface of the quilt comes alive with the quilting.

Although she uses free machine quilting in most of her work, the work shop that will take place on the 3rd April is hand quilted.  The workshop is entitled“Winter Landscapes”.  See Below

Saturday 15 March 2014

March Meeting

We were delighted to have Maryke Phillips as a speaker. Her work was very inspiring and the materials used were wonderful colours in a mixture of dyed wool felt and space dyed threads and fabrics.  Her quilts and wall-hanging were hand finished with beads  that gave a weight that made them hang beautifully. With the products for sale it should give us all the incentive we need for our own wonderful projects. 

We hope to see some of your work at the next meeting’s show and tell.

I will list some web sites that give you free patterns for your own personal use, and also tutorials for you to watch at your leisure.  This website has daily tutorials. Have free patterns ranging from bags to quilts and wall hangings.
www.freepatterns/info  This website takes you to blogs with patterns as well as tutorials.  Is a website for the knitters in the group