Friday 6 November 2020

6/11/2020 - Members Projects

 Sue Skelton has created a Tour de France quilt for a Tina.  Tina is disabled and has, for want of a better word a fixation  with the Tour de France and other cycling races.  She watches all the television programmes.  Sue made a quilt for Tina's mother and immediately got a request to make a Tour De France quilt.  She wanted the quilt made in the colours of the jerseys that the riders wear when they have achieved something.  The yellow is for the stage winner and also the the final winner of the race.  The green is for the leading number of points for each day usually achieved by the sprinters.  The Polka dot is for the mountain stages and the white is the young winner.  The names represent the British riders who have worn the various jersey up to now.