Monday 25 May 2020

Thank you

We have received a letter and a card thanking us for the laundry bags and headbands that we sent to the hospital.

Doodle Challenge

Gill Towell was our speaker in March and she told us about the Doodle Challenge that she has on-line, which can improve free motion quilting.  She also has a number of free video tutorials.  If you need to find something to do you could visit her website:

Friday 22 May 2020

22.5.2020 - Members Projects

Pat has completed four more quilts with the last of the orphan blocks and scrap fabric.  She has completed 7 in total.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

20.05.2020 Members Posts

Pat thinks that she will be able to make twelve quilts out of all the scrap.

20.05.2020 Members Projects

Pat has started to join some of the scrap that is collected at Saturday Stitchers over the last year and making them into larger coloured units.  Also she is sorting the orphan blocks that Chris Ingham brings her from the Bloodwise shop into colour schemes.


Tuesday 12 May 2020

12th May 2020 - Members projects

Gina made some bunting in response for the village VE day celebrations, and just as she had finished it we were in lockdown and the event was cancelled.  As you can see it was put to good use last week for her stay at home street party.

Sue Skelton has made an elephant quilt for her daughter's, sister-in-law's stepson.

Sunday 10 May 2020

10th May - Members Posts

These are quilts completed by Jacquie Durber with the last of Jill Cawrey's unfinished quilts

Tuesday 5 May 2020

5th May 2020 Members Projects

Vicky has been busy using those squares she has made a cushion using a Monkey Buttons pattern.

Also two small gift bags (lined) they have been waiting patiently for her to complete them.  Pattern and instructions from Threading my Way.

A note from Vicky Cooper

A note from Vicky Cooper

I’m oh so very thankful, and thought you’d like to know,
That when retirement beckoned, I decided I’d learn to sew.
My friend was doing patchwork, with a group quite local to me,
I went along to give it a try, and the rest is history.

I was suddenly on a mission to acquire a sewing kit.
I needed the whole caboodle.....Yes every little bit!
Rotary cutters and cutting boards - Just mind your finger tips!
Then fabric and reels of cotton, and this was my favourite bit !

So over the years I’ve gathered, an amazing stash of ‘stuff’
I’ve bought on whim and impulse, I could never get enough!
So ‘where is this leading’? I can hear you quietly say
Well, this is now The Moment, this is now The Day!!

Everything I’ve gathered, then Stroked and put away,
Is coming out of hiding, and  I’m really ready to play.
I’ve made a calculation, but it’s really just a guess
But I think I could be sewing, for the next ten years, or less.

Projects vary greatly, but Lesson number one.
‘Don't Waste a scrap of fabric, just keep for later on.
And so I did as I was bid, saved every little square,
Stored in plastic boxes, knowing one day, I’d get there.

And yes I love a scrappy quilt, I love to sort and sift
Then join the squares together, to make another gift.
And as I sew these fragments to make a patchwork square,
I recall the many friendships we Cosby Quilters share.

I need to name the person, the giver of this tip
Cos I’m much in need of therapy, so this habit I can kick.
I’ve used up many boxes, made scrappy quilts galore
But always have a constant urge to cut up more and more

Elaine Capewell....HELP!     I’m drowning in squares!

Friday 1 May 2020

1st May 2020 - Members projects

 Gina has made the attached card for her mpther.

She used bondaweb, cut  out the flowers, & arranged them onto a backing fabric. Then free motion machine stitched to highlight the detail.  She likes the technique, & feels that she is starting to get the hang of free motion, although if you look closely you'll see that she could do with more practice. 

Sue Skelton  has been making at her daughter's request.  Fleece blankets for a new member of the family due in August, a cushion cover for a bulldog lover and a gym bag for when her grand-daughter starts school.