Saturday 21 October 2017

November Speaker - Linda Chevell

Our speaker for November is Linda Chevell with her talk "From Rag Dolls to Slipper Stiches"
Linda has been quilting since 1991, when she joined Market Bosworth Quilters to learn what to do with a panel of hand-sewn patchwork.  She was very quickly addicted.  She learned mostly through making specific patterns at workshops and retreats, but might have progressed quicker with a more structured course.
Her background is Art and Design but she taught English until she retired in 2007.  Since she retired she has taught classes at Bramble Patch and Quilteez at Ratby.  Her classes are designed to help beginners and more experienced quilters to gain skills in a structured way and she enjoys helping new quilters to 'get hooked' and watching their pride and confidence grow.

Monday 16 October 2017

October Meeting

Numerous examples of exciting techniques were handed round by Angie Hughes to illustrate her talk at our October meeting.

Angie is a textile artist who works with mixed media incorporating creative embroidery.  She explained the use of coloured foils and layered organza.  The colours achieved were beautiful.  Many samples, including innovative uses of bonding materials, were new to most of us an opened up many possibilities.

Those who attended her workshop the following day were impressed with her friendly and supportive help.

Kathy Francis