Tuesday 16 February 2016

Next Meeting in March

The speaker in March is Mary Hart.

Mary is a textile artist.  She has been working in textiles for 25 years.  Her style of working is explorative, experimental and ever evolving as Mary is forever developing more techniques and adding new ideas to her repertoire.  Mary finds that new media and processes fuel her work and she often responds to  a brief in an intuitive way.  Her work is abstract, free flowing and multi layered.  She has a wide range of textual techniques at her fingertips.

Examples of her work.

Monday 15 February 2016

February Meeting

Welcome everyone. We are looking forward to exciting talks and great workshops in 2016.

The year started with the business of the AGM, following which we had some lovely show and tell.

Lynda Hill gave us an insight in to the Linus project, explaining that the Quilts and blankets that are so generously made and given, then go to children whose young lives are affected by all kinds of circumstances, and for whom these become their own personal hug to keep with them. It is heart warming to know so many of us give our time and expertise to make them.

Have a happy sewing month, looking forward to seeing you in March with your show and tell.