Friday 31 August 2012

I think most of you realise how lucky we are with the workshops arranged by Pat Screaton.  She has done this for several years, and yet somehow manages to come up with different people offering different ideas and techniques.
Next year (Cosby Quilters 25th anniversary) we have some really top notch people in the quilting world, booked on workshops and talks.
Dates and details will follow soon.....

If you just check out and see the prices charged for these workshops, you will realise, that we at Cosby Quilters are getting a very good deal.
Pat and the committee endeavour to keep the prices down, to make them attractive and affordable, but this then creates a very tight margin between making a loss, and breaking even.  We are not looking to make a profit, but we do need to break even.
This is where we need your support.  If these workshops are not filled, we make a loss – simple.
So we need you to come along and attend these workshops.  Everyone will learn something new, even those of you who have been sewing forever….
to this end, I would like to mention two forthcoming events.

Thursday 4 October - DRAWING WITH NATURE – Janet Clare
Janet creates fun and lively quilt designs – combing her unique jointed applique templates with free machine drawing.  This will be a fun workshop, and we can all learn to personalize our appliques using these methods.  Check out the website:
This workshop is being held at Blaby Baptist Church, Northfield Rd, Blaby, LE8 4GU
Times 10-4.00.  Bring a packed lunch.  Tea coffee and biscuits provided
Prices:  £17 for Cosby Quilter members….                  £22 for non members

Saturday 27 October – CAPTURED MEMORIES – Viv Denscombe
Viv will show us how to create a memory book in fabric – with pockets storing stitched memories such as photos etc.  A beautiful momento to treasure.  Look at her website:
There are also photos of this work on the blog – June page
The above workshops are to be held at Ashby Magna Village Hall, Peveril Road, Ashby Magna, LE17 5NQ
Times 10-4.00.  Bring a packed lunch.  Tea coffee and biscuits provided
Prices:  £17 for Cosby Quilter members….                  £22 for non members

Monday 20 August 2012

I know a lot of you ladies had a day trolling around the NEC, with lists and purses clutched tightly.
So, what did you buy?
Did you find some amazing bargains, fabric, equipment?
Or, did you check out the displays of quilts and handiwork, and think how amazing some of it was.
I'll share with you one of my purchases, or even two....
I bought a small needle threading gadget, it's called INFILA and threads both large and small needles, far quicker than I can.  Made in Italy. Grazie a mille...
Then, I got drawn into a stand where two ladies were adeptly showing a binding tool, which makes it so much easier to join the binding on your quilt, giving a nice neat finish.  So, one quilt awaiting completion, let's give it a go....
Tried it this way, then that, could not quite figure it out,  but it tells you to check it out on You Tube and see their video.
So, you may guess what happened next - - - -
You got it, I went back to the  method Jenny Almond taught in her class - who needs a 'binding tool'?
For Sale:  one TQM Binding Tool - never used - no reasonable offer refused.

Over the last few days we have received five more quilts for the appeal.
Thanks to Lorna and Sue H
What do YOU think???
Today I visited a charity shop in Blaby, and happened to notice one very happy customer bundling a quilt into a shopping bag.
Since I am a very inquisitive person (some may say Nosey), I said, 'would you mind if I asked how much you paid for that?'
She happily showed me a good sized lap quilt, and said ....£10.  Then pointed to more on display, with similar price tags!
Not content to leave it there, I spoke to the assistant who told me that a bag of quilts had been left with them.  They obviously had no idea their worth.  I explained that the wadding alone would probably have cost £10, and felt that with all the work involved they were being grossly under-priced.
I said that if they doubled the price, that would still be very cheap for the amount of work involved - some had been hand quilted!
Should I be sad to know that someone has worked hard to create these quilts, and they end up being sold for a silly price?
or -
Should I be glad, that rather than laying in plastic bags, they will at last be used for what they are intended - to keep someone warm on a cold winter night
Your comments please............................