Thursday 18 July 2013

Photos from July Meeting and Quilt exhibition

July Meeting

The talk on the 3rd July was Rags to Riches by Jennie Stewart Anderson.  She gave an interesting talk on the history of rag rugs and demonstrated the various methods by which they are created.  She had created simple patterns and also beautiful pictures.  Plain hessian bags had been decorated with flowers to make them more interesting.


Quilt Exhibition

The quilt exhibition at Cosby Open Gardens was brilliant.  The exhibition was absolutely stunning and everyone who attended was bowled over by the work.  There have been so many positive comments and words of praise for the exhibits coupled with surprise at the variety of styles and how quilting has moved on and is now up to date.  Many commented on the very clever ladies we have in the group.  One person commented what a lovely exhibition it was and then realised that there were a great many more quilts in the church itself.

It looks like we have generated enthusiasm among some local ladies, and may have some new faces at future meetings, and hopefully joining the group, which is great news. 

Many of the members have been very generous with their time and provision of items for the sales table and the cakes.  We had 12 cushions and 7 bags for the raffle and the customers appreciated the fact that they would win something that they wanted. The guess the number of pickled people in the jar was a great success. The two quilts that were raffled made £139.20 for Breast Cancer.

Over all we made over £700 which is excellent.

A big thank you to all of you who gave your time and effort to make the event such a great success.
Photos below for anyone who was unable to attend