Thursday 21 March 2013


I have been in touch with Liz Ingram from Rugby, and she sent some information which may be of interest:-

There is a textile exhibition coming up soon in Rugby, and to check out the details, please look at:


also, there is a shop in Great Doddington, Northamptonshire which has a lovely website.
More  important, there is a sale coming up ......

Incidentally, we have a lot of new members who come from Rugby.  I am wondering, do they come by mini bus or double decker??     :-)


Two weeks ago I attended a Cosby Quilter workshop with Kathleen Guerrier, and during our lunch break we were shown a quilt by one of our former members Jill Cawrey.  This was not just any quilt, this one  had a very interesting story to go with it, which Jill was happy to share with us.
In 1988 Jill visited Paducah and whilst there took the opportunity of participating  in various workshops.  The theme of this particular year was ‘Baskets’, and members made blocks to form a quilt which was later raffled off.
One of the notable points to this visit was a friendship which Jill formed with a fellow quilter from Anchorage, Alasaka.   This was George Taylor, a draughtsman by profession, and a very accomplished and precise quilter.  The friendship culminated in Jill inviting George to visit her in the UK.
During his stay George had been looking through a copy of the British Patchwork and Quilting magazine and commented that he liked one particular pattern.  Jill liked the same pattern, and so a quilt was about to be born.
Ever the draughtsman, George draughted out the pattern to a full scale. And so it began.
They decided on a black background.  Did Jill have any black fabric?  Why of course she did…. Someone had given her an old blackout curtain (circa 1940), still in good condition.  At this point they had sufficient fabric for half of a quilt. 
So, what do we do when we need more fabric?  We call on our friends of course.  Janice Cooke was very generous, and soon found suitable fabrics for the project, as did several of Jill’s other quilting friends.
Then at about midnight one night, Jill had a panic.  The black fabric would need to be washed before use, so out of bed, and the black fabric was duly put in the washing machine and hung out to dry.  Then she ‘played’ with some of the design blocks which had been drawn up.  She left a note for George, ‘I like this design best, do you?’  Fortunately he agreed.
With still insufficient fabrics, a trip to Bramble Patch was the next thing on the list.  Apparently George (being quite a gregarious character) proved to be popular with the staff in the Weedon shop.
As if a large quilting project was not sufficient for most people.  George also wanted to visit Scotland during his two week holiday to the UK, so they took time out to do a coach trip too.
When George left Leicester, he took with him the pieced quilt.  He would do the quilting in Alaska.
You won’t be able to see from the photo, but we could see that it was actually machine quilted from the back, and it is absolute perfection.  He then sent the quilt back to Jill and told her to ‘milk it’.  Which she duly did.
She entered it in to the Malvern Show and it was given an award of merit for colour.
In 2002 the Festival of Quilts was held at the NEC (1st year at the NEC), and here it was put into a class ‘Made by two people’.
The competition was quite fierce, and Katherine Guerrier (already a very well-known quilter) won the first prize (along with a colleague who quilted her work).
However Jill and George’s quilt won the third prize and £100.  Fame at last!
This quilt was featured on the front cover of the British Quilting and Patchwork magazine, along with full instructions.

I would like to thank Jill for her help, and collaboration with this article.

Monday 18 March 2013



Saturday 25th May 2013

You may be wondering what Viv has in store for us with this workshop.....

but we now have some photos, so you had better book a place.

Viv's work is very exciting and 'different', and also, very popular.

Just to remind you what is happening.....
It was felt that some members required help with certain techniques, so we have organised an evening where we will have demonstrations.
Elaine is going to demonstrate how to 'quilt as you go'
Jo will show us how to hand quilt
Sue is going to show us how to do free motion quilting
Viv is teaching foundation piecing.

Of course there will be ladies who do not require help - and so for those who wish, they can sit, sew and chat.

But we are also going to be taught how to make 'pickled people' (if you so desire)!!!!!
These 'people' will be put into a large jar, and be used as a fund raising event for the Cosby Open Gardens.
Please bring old (and clean) flesh coloured tights which we can use for this project.

Quilters Paradise will have a stall selling various fabrics.

We are also having a stall selling buttons..
Not just any old buttons.
These are extraordinary buttons.
All hand made and every one unique.
These are made by Natasha, and below she tells us a little about her products,
'I started making buttons out of polymer clay because I couldn't find any buttons to match a beautiful cardigan I had made for my daughter. They were either too big, not the right colour and so I decided to make my own. I remembered playing with Fimo when I was a little girl and had such fun.
I brought a few packets of clay and Ellabella buttons was created.
They can be used on knitting, crochet, fabric, cute hair bows, paper crafts and scrap booking. They're perfect for all your crafting projects.
All my buttons are made from clay which is hardened in the oven.  They are water resistant and if attached to clothing  you should always wash on a gentle program at 40c. Buttons shouldn't be put in the tumble dryer.
I have created many designs mostly small batches. If you would like me to make you a 'one-off' collection of buttons, please contact me and we can discuss your project.

Natasha Lockley

you might like owls - very trendy at the moment



One way or another, I think we are going to have a fun evening


There was a real sense of excitement and anticipation when we gathered for this workshop.
We had done our homework...... lots of ready cut squares ...... away we go!
With the help of clear precise worksheets, and Katherine's calm manner, we were soon on the road to creating blocks.
Katherine was always on hand and ready to help those who were less able (mainly me).
By lunch time, we had created blocks in every hue and colour.
Who wants to stop for lunch, this was just too exciting....
At the end of the afternoon, we had all assembled our own creations and duly oooh-ed and aaaah-ed over each others handiwork.
As you will see, some folk really 'go for it' with their colour schemes, and others like to play it safe, and match up colours.
It's so interesting to see the different approaches.
Here is a sample of some of the work:-

It was a fabulous day, and I don't know about everyone else, but I am hooked!!


We have been lucky enough to have had Katherine visit Cosby Quilters, not only for a talk, but also for a workshop.
On Wednesday evening she came along with a whole stash of beautiful quilts which she has created over many years, and talked us through the various stories relating to each one.
Her work is bright and colourful, and so very unique.
It certainly whetted the appetites of those who had enrolled for the workshop on the following day.

Samples of Katherine's handiwork:

Tuesday 5 March 2013


I think most of you know by now, that one of our members has been awarded an MBE.
Yes, it's  Chris Ingham!
The award was for her work for the leukaemia and lymphoma charities, who she raises money for, in a very enthusiastic and tireless manner.
And so it was, that on 13 December 2012' she travelled to London (first class of course), with two daughters and her youngest son.
It was a day of 'highs' for Chris.
In her very determined manner, she managed to walk up the grand staircase (despite normally needing a walking aid), and dressed in her finery, she was duly received by HRH Prince Charles.  He presented her with her award, and Chris told me 'he was lovely'.
The family then took her to Covent Garden where they had lunch, and then on to the Leukaemia HQ.
It was her first visit to the HQ, and she was warmly welcomed  by the staff.  She was happy to observe that the offices were not too grand, and  she therefore felt that the funds were being well spent.  Nothing too plush that would denote that the money was going in the wrong direction!  (She doesn't miss much!)
So, at the end of the day, she arrived back in Leicestershire,  with her 'gong' which is richly deserved.

Hereinafter, we will all curtsey and only address her as Mrs Christine Ingham. MBE


I know a lot of you managed to get a glimpse of the beautiful heart quilt which  was raffled on the 14th  February.
But I would like to give you the background story to this.
Jacquie Durbar had asked some of her students to do a  heart project.  Red hearts on a cream background, and as a consequence she received 38 beautifully crafted squares.
At that point, they did not have a destination, but as we know, fate often intervenes.
At about the same time GwynethTindall had expressed a desire to make a quilt for a breast cancer charity, and Chris Ingham ('she who knows everything'), put two and two together, and the squares were duly handed over to Gwyneth.
So With the help of Chris Ingham, Joan Ainsworth, June White, and Sylvia Palmer,  Gwyneth had found a team of willing hands.
They made more squares, fiddled and improvised, and finally had their masterpiece ready for quilting.
This is where Liz Ingram came upon the scene with an offer to do the quilting.
The next part was to get it raffled, and they hoped they might sell 300 tickets.
In fact they sold 1,000 tickets and raised  £1,000 for Breast Care UK.
What an amazing achievement ladies!
PS. The winner of this quilt is a member of Lutterworth Embroidery Guild, so it will obviously be much appreciated.

International Quilting Day  
     16th March 2013
St Andrews Church is hosting a ‘sit and sew’ event to make a quilt for
“Quilts for Injured Servicemen”
“Q4IS is a non-profit making charitable organisation
dedicated to bringing comfort, colour, warmth
and a smile to our brave young injured Heroes.”

Total beginners and experienced sewers all welcome.
We would particularly like to welcome young sewers to join in.
We have fabric cut out and ready to sew either by machine
or by hand if you prefer.
Back to the old traditions of using recycled fabrics but with     simple modern piecing designs.
    Stay for 5 minutes or linger longer.
The coffee shop will be open serving drinks and home baked goods.
This is a free event but donations to church funds would be most welcome.

Location:     St Andrews Church, Church Street, Rugby, CV21 3PT
Enquiries:  Liz Ingram Tel 01788 576189