Saturday 19 December 2020

Christmas Message

 Hello everyone 


I hope you are well and no doubt preparing for Christmas, which may be a very different affair for many of us this year.


Many people have felt isolated & found the lack of social activities very difficult.  I have to say that I'm thankful for my love if crafting, something I have always enjoyed. I find that it empties my head if all the clutter - at least for a while.  It has certainly been a help this year.


The Committee and I are looking forward to the return of our monthly meetings, we are determined that the group will continue to flourish as it has for so many years.  We had hoped to start back in February with that 'highlight of the year' the AGM, but sadly, that seems unlikely.  The talk of a possible surge after the Christmas period means that our meetings will be further delayed, as events continue to undermine plans.  We will of course, keep you updated, so please watch this space (as they say!).  We have agreed that membership subscriptions paid in 2020 will be carried forward to 2021, when we can hopefully get back on track.  


I would like to thank all of the Committee for their good work, and support during this year, I do hope that it will not be too much longer before we are rushed off our feet again! 


I would also like to say a big 'Thank you' to you, our members, for your continued support during this very strange year.  I am hopeful of better things in 2021, particularly as the vaccine rollout brings us some much needed light at the end of the tunnel. 


The Committee & I wish you all a very happy, healthy and peaceful Christmas, we look forward to a bright new year when we are free to enjoy getting back to doing the things we love with those we care about.  



Best Wishes to you all, STAY SAFE





PS.  A note from Pat

Just a reminder about  2021 Yarn bombing and Cosby Quilters display at the community Church we are doing a Harry Potter theme  We are still needing croqueted faces  see the Cosby BlogSpot October and 4 “ squares  for our quidditch  pitch ,  also tree shapes  6” or 8 “ for the forest behind Hagrid’s Hut . if you have some spare time after the Christmas break, as it looks like we are not getting back to normal any time soon.  We have wool if you need any.

Jan has completed the Castle and background , and Sue is on her 2nd flying pupil, Elaine as offered to do an owl. Gina is becoming an expert on putting faces on Sue Skelton’s faces and I know a few of you have been making squares.  

Friday 11 December 2020

Members Projects 11.12.2020

Pat has been working to complete projects.  The project bag from Gill's free machining class and the flower quilt from her winter weekend retreat.  The necklace from Viv's class the other year.  The tea towels have been waiting to be done about ten years.  The hen is a newish pattern and the round bin started a couple of years ago at Knuston finished the other week and a screen.