Monday 16 January 2023

February Meeting

 The February meeting will start with the Annual General Meeting.  

Please note that a new page has been created on the blog

which contains all the relevant information for the AGM

             The Agenda, 

             2022 AGM Minutes

             Accounts and Treasurer’s Report for the year ended 31/12/22. 

             In due course we will add the minutes from the 2023 AGM for your information.


We are aware that some members are unable to attend an afternoon meeting, if you do have any questions or comments on the AGM 

business, then we'd like to hear from you - please email so your thoughts can be included in the AGM.

When the AGM has concluded Linda Hill, a Cosby Quilters member, will give a talk entitled ''3 Talks in 1' which covers her career in textiles, her trip to Japan and some japanese quilting techniques she learned whilst there.  She will be demonstrating these and showing some of her work.


As speaker’s costs and rent have increased, it was agreed that subscriptions for 2023 will be £30 for the year with visitors still paying £5. 

As our insurance requires that visitors can only attend up to 2 meetings a year before joining as members.  It was agreed to highlight this to attendees at the AGM 

ie visitors are required to join (ie pay the balance of membership subscription after attending two meetings), if they wish to come to future meetings. 

Workshops will be charged at £30 for members, and £35 for non-members.

However, more expensive speakers and those providing materials will be £35 for members, £40 for non-members.

Also, I note from the original email re Linda Hill that she would be happy to do a boro workshop.  This could take place later in the year.

Gina Cooke

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Sunday 15 January 2023

December Meeting

 An enjoyable practical afternoon was spent making Christmas decorations.


A few of the travelling books