Wednesday 27 June 2012

A REMINDER............

Baby Quilts for the African babies

We look forward to receiving more quilts for this excellent cause.
Even if you feel unable to sew a quilt, we would be glad of donations in the way of fabric and wadding, or indeed, anything.

Please bring along to our Wednesday meeting, which should prove to be a good one

Last night twenty five of our group visited Cosby Golf Club for a summer meal, as opposed to a Christmas meal.
This was a sort of trial, to save people having to drive during the winter when conditions are bad.  Glad to say, this proved to be a really good evening,
It was a really nice setting, overlooking the 18th hole, and the food was excellent, served by very pleasant staff.

Our stalwarts came from Rugby - Hurrah!    As well as more local ladies who simply walked across the road.

The general consensus of opinion is that we will do this again.

Location:      Perfect
Food:           First Class
Value:           Excellent
Company:     The best

And this is how the evening went:

Jan to Jan: 'You forgot your purse as
well?  Looks like we have to wash up'
'It's good for someone else to make the
drinks' says Elaine

The committee kept a strict eye on things
to make sure it didn't get too rowdy

What are they all looking at???

Alice came along to keep her mother
in order
It's that Chris Ingham again -
And she is really making the News...........
Do you know, she is being awarded an MBE for her charity work?
I know she is an amazing lady, but this is just confirmation of what wonderful work she is doing, and has done for many years for Luekemia Research.
I had a quick chat with her this morning, and the conversation went a bit like this:
Q:  How does it feel?
A:  The same
Q:  When do you get presented?
A:  Not sure, I've put the letter somewhere, and can't find it at the moment.
Q: Why not?
A:  Well, I've got my friends here, and we're sorting out hexagons to make quilts for the old folk in winter.

We could do with a few more folk like Chris.

And - she is a member of Cosby Quilters too!
I know you'll read his Chris.......
Well done and many congratulations from all  your quilting friends.

Sunday 24 June 2012

Following our request for baby quilts for the African babies, we have had a fantastic response!
My lovely friend and fellow committee member Elaine Capewell has passed the word around at a couple of local sewing groups, and hey presto, we have promises for approximately 15 baby quilts.  The sewing groups involved are Countesthorpe Piecemakers and Village Quilters.
How amazing is that!!!
A big thank you to the ladies involved, this will be very much appreciated, and is a wonderful start to our appeal.
I want to make this a BIG APPEAL, so get all your scraps out, and piece them together for those tiny babies.
The committee are also discussing the possibility of arranging a 'Sew In' for these quilts, where we can get together. and get productive.
More news on that soon.

Sunday 10 June 2012


Where does  it go?
This was a question I recently asked about the scrap fabric and cotton which we diligently put into a carrier bag at the the end of sewing sessions.
Perhaps I was the only person who was not ‘in on it’, but I discovered that this waste, and waste from many other sewing groups , was put together and handed to Chris Ingham.
So what does Chris Ingham do with a mountain of waste fabric?
Well Chris, along with her volunteers pass on this fabric to a recycling company.  But what  I now know, is that it isn’t just fabric she squirrels away, she can re-cycle anything (almost), shoes which are way past their sell-by dates, clothes, bedding, books, household goods,  virtually anything  has a value to someone like Chris.
Then what?
The proceeds of this ‘waste’ are then handed over to the Lutterworth Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Charity, and just recently she and her staff and volunteers have handed over a cheque for £100,000.00.  (Yes, I’ve got the zeros right!)  What a massive amount of money, all given to a very worthwhile cause.  Chris's daughter Lesley has  overseen the running of two shops in Lutterworth, for the last three years and although Chris is slowly taking a back seat she is always on hand at the shop.
There are only three Leukemia charity shops in the whole of the world.  Chris has recently been given a Certificate of Merit Award by the charity, in recognition of her good work.  This was one of only three given out annually, what an accolade.
Re-cycling has become the ‘in thing’, and many of us try to find a use or home for unwanted items, and not just send them to the land fill sites. So, if you have something to dispose of, take it along to Lutterworth to the shops situated on Station Road, and Bell Street.
One very important thing I need to mention.  Chris is a member of Cosby Quilters (hurrah), and has been for several years.  She has enjoyed being part of the group, and despite being involved with all this voluntary work, still finds time to make quilts for family, friends and charity.
What a woman!  Well done Chris.
If you want to read more about this charity, go to:
Ps…. The shop on the rear of the car park  also have a great haberdashery section where you can get cotton, silks, ribbons, zips, fabric, braid, and much more. The shop on Bell St also sells furniture, and can collect anything too big to go into your car, call Lesley on 01455 556649

More Profiles to follow……

Saturday 9 June 2012


Two of our faithful members were quick to get started.
Well, what a brilliant evening.
We had a great turn-out to our Practical Evening, and the sewing kits were in great demand.  Owls, reindeer, Christmas trees, stars  and the like, proved to be very popular.  So much so, we need to make up more kits for owls and Ho-ho-ho. We shall have some kits to sell at the next meeting for those who may have missed out, or want more.

Our trader was Sue from Sunflower Corner, who sadly is winding down her business.  However, it was to the advantage of the members, since all prices were greatly reduced, and each member was given a free pattern. HOW NICE WAS THAT!  So thank you Sue.

"Do I really need more fabric?"

The first newsletter was handed around, and this met with approval, and we hope to produce a newsletter every three months, or so.

A special mention….
All of our members are appreciated, some are local, but some travel a little further.  I would like to mention that some of our members regularly travel from Rugby to attend our meetings and workshops.  Thank you, that’s real enthusiasm.
It was good to welcome visitors and also a new member, and I have had feedback that they enjoyed their evening with us, and commented on how friendly Cosby Quilters are. But of course!
We were happy to show a sample of Viv Denscombe’s work entitled ‘Captured Memories’.  Her work is truly exquisite, and to remind you, the workshop is on Saturday 27 October.  There are just a few places available.  If you would like to see Viv’s work, look at her website , and below is the sample we viewed

Captured memories

I think you will agree that this is gorgeous and can be used as a momento for anything that is dear to your heart, new babies, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or any special occasion.
Viv has been a member of CQ for quite a long time, and works actively on our committee, she is always happy to help wherever needed.  So, let us support her workshop.

Refreshments are a very important part of sewing, so the girls were kept very busy

Since it was a practical evening we did not have our usual Show and Tell, but here is a beautiful bag made by Jacquie Durber.  No patterns for Jacquie, just look at a sample and do it, easy if you know how.  By the way, Jacquie is hiding behind the bag….

At the moment, there is an appeal based around the Mercy Ships Charity ( You can read about the work of this charity on their web site, but basically, the ships are taken to  areas of need, ( mostly Africa) where people  are in desperate of medical attention.  Adults and children will walk miles to where the ship is moored.  There they can receive the expert advice and help they need.  These numbers will of course include mothers with babies, and although they are offered cabins, they prefer to lie on the decks.

A Leicestershire based contact is now asking for quilting groups to help provide mini quilts for these babies, sizes can be 12” x 12”; 10” x 14”; 9” x 12”.  So small, that even the most inexperienced person can produce one of these very quickly.  They are also looking for lap quilts, size 24” x 36”.  The buzz phrase here is KEEP IT SIMPLE.  No need to hand sew binding if you prefer not to.

So, I would like to make an appeal to Cosby Quilters – and friends.  How many of these can we, as a group make?  Just a small amount of material, a small amount of time, and the gratitude of sick and deprived children and mothers.  It will also give them something to treasure.

A suggestion is that once the quilt is made, we should put on the name of the person who made it, and also the group which they belong to.  Cosby Quilters will provide a label with the name of our group on it, to add to the name of the person who made it.

Even if you feel unable to help with the sewing, can we ask you to look through your stash.  There must be something which you no longer need, and would be prepared to donate to this cause. Someone else will do the sewing.  Bring it along to the next meeting, or give us a call.  We are thinking of having a ‘Sew In’ day, where those who are interested can get together and we can sew our baby quilts, chat, drink coffee and eat biscuits - or maybe – we may have cake!!!!

SHOW AND TELL – Please can we have more contributions – bring along your work, and share with us, no matter how small – or big

KEEP IN TOUCH – Those of you who have email addresses, and have not handed them in to us, please email me with the your address, then we can keep in touch – my email is

NEXT MEETING – Wednesday 4 July – Speaker Claire Tinsley – Scraps to Accolades

One of our visitors mentioned that there is a sewing venue in Hinckley called the The Sewing Café, it is in Castle Street and is run by Becky and Fay.  They have a shop, sewing classes, and of course a café.  If you would like further information look at their website: or telephone 01455 698034
One of our members has mentioned a very good website: .  Apparently they are offering a free Country Crafts ‘Block of the Month’ pattern.  They come highly recommended.
Also, there is currently an offer from Seattle Quilts of Aberdeen who I have found very helpful.  Ten Fat Quarters for £10+p&p.   Tel: 01224 646074

Up and coming events:            Market Bosworth Festival – 16-30 June – look at their web site:
They are also displaying quilts in an exhibition.

I am hoping in the next few days, to write a profile on one of our members, who is known for doing ‘good works’

Please watch this space