Monday 9 September 2013

Barbara Weeks Workshop

Felt to Quilt – Workshop with Barbara Weeks

We started the day with a talk and demonstration from Barbara on how to make thin felt. There were many different samples for us to look at and Barbara had her quilts on hand to show us various techniques she had used in the construction of her quilts.

A chiffon scarf was the base / 1st layer of the felt. A fine layer of wool tops were laid onto the base fabric. A second optional layer was added at 90 ⁰ to the first. Although Barbara said 1 layer would have produced felt I think most of us opted for 2 layers.

We had been asked to take an inspirational picture and Barbara gave plenty of advice, when asked, on ways to achieve our finished goal.

Barbara had brought all the equipment needed to produce felt for anyone to use should they not have their own.

Scarves and coloured wool tops were available to purchase at a very reasonable price.

By lunch time the majority of us had produced a piece of felt. We laid the pieces in the sun while we had lunch, by the end of which the pieces had dried.

The afternoon started with a’ show and tell ‘of samples to inspire the embellishment of our pieces.

Really motivated we started to stitch our pieces with ideas given, by Barbara, to each individual piece. Some students opted to make a second piece of felt instead of stitching.

Thanks once again to Pat for organising a really fun day. I can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

Some of the felts drying in the sun

Jo throwing her felt to shock it
Sue rolling her felt

Friday 6 September 2013

Change of Speaker

Please note that there has been a change of Speaker for the November meeting

The Speaker is now Greta Fitchett "Inspired by Colour"

INSPIRED BY COLOUR shows how colour has inspired her work with design ideas from many sources. These include the summer flower garden, fishing boats, the city of Barcelona, travels to North Africa, and South American textiles. There are some quilts, but also embroidered wall hangings and three dimensional pieces.