Sunday 7 September 2014

September Meeting

What an exciting and inspirational evening.  It was lovely to see everyone back after our short break. The show and tell was a wonderful display of all your hard work. Our Trunk show expanded with more wall hanging, don't forget to come to the Big Textile Show as they will all be on display, as well as lots of other quilts and wall hangings for you to get more ideas to use.
The talk by Magie Relph on her Textile Journey showing us the fabrics in her collection.  The unusual and interesting designs. Some traditional and more modern ones gave us an insight to how they have evolved over the years. I am sure we all enjoyed all the lovely goodies bought by Magie and her husband.
Keep up the good work its lovely to see .
Happy Sewing

Jacquie Durber

 A selection of Magie's Textiles

Magie Relph's mobile textile shop with eager customers

Show and Tell - Book covers from Viv's workshop