Wednesday 21 October 2020

Instructions for Faces



Use two strands of double knitting and a 5.5 crochet hook

Starting with face yarn

Ensure that you leave long ends at the beginning to use for fixing to background.

Magic ring, chain 1 and make 6 DC in ring join, chain 1 

Round Two:  2 DC in each stitch around (12 DC), join, chain 1

Round three: 2 DC in each stitch around (24 DC), join, chain 1

Round four: 2 DC in first stitch, 1 DC in next stitch, repeat around, join chain 1 (36DC)

Round five: DC in first three stitches, Half Treble in next 2 stiches, Treble in next eight stitches, HT in next 2 stitches, DC in next 6 stitches, HT in next 2 stitches, T in next eight stitches, HT in next 2 stitches, DC in next 3 stitches join and fasten off.  Join hair colour in same place.  HT in next four stitches, 2 T in next treble, repeat 9 times in all, HT in next four stitches.  Fasten  off.

For female use the same pattern but knot strands into the side for long hair using one knot.

October update from Gina

 Hi all,

I hope that you and your families are all keeping safe and well, and hopefully your crafting is keeping you sane in these difficult times.  I've just finished 2 sets of curtains for the lounge which have been on my 'to do list' for far too long.  Anyway I'm glad to say that they are up so I can then get on with something more inspiring (and far less useful)!! 

Following on from the success of the 2020 Cosby Yarrnbomb event, I just wanted to update you on a few things:


Our display was very well received.  You may be aware that a section of the display has been passed onto a local childminder who has put it up in her conservatory for the children to enjoy - so it's gone to a good home and is in use which is great.  The event raised over £1,000 for the local school, which I'm sure was very welcome.  


I'm sure you will be pleased to know that we have wasted no time, and Sue Wilson, Jan, Pat and I met a couple of weeks ago to discuss ideas and begin planning for next year! 

The theme is 'Up and Away' and Sue and Jan have decided to create a display of the Quiddich game from Harry Potter.   It is very ambitious and should look very striking, we are determined to build on this year's success.  

The pictures on the attachments to give you an idea of the scene: the railings on the left hand side will have Hogwarts towers the willow tree with the ford anglia lodged in its branches; and on the right hand side railings, the Quiddich contest - the arena, with the stands, towers and  the cheering crowds (made up of lots of small faces),  in the front, the players will do battle on their broomsticks.   As I said it is very ambitious, hence the long timescale for working on it, which will enable us to achieve this goal.

We would like to involve you, our members, in this project, and are calling for those of you who knit or crochet to join in by making some items please.
4" round flat faces in crochet, the attached pattern is a guide if required, or you can go freestyle. The pattern is also on the blogspot,   Either add the features yourself or pass onto Sue or Jan for someone else complete.

4" knitted squares in any colour and any stitch - these will be joined together to create the grandstand and viewing platforms

6-7" knitted fir trees, (pine tree shaped) in any shade of green
We also need knitted rocks, which should be slightly padded to make them 3-D - these will be used for the foreground.  Jan is currently working on the design and asks you to get your thinking caps on and get in touch with her with your ideas on how to create them - I'm sure that some of you will be able to help us with this and more details will follow when agreed.


For any more accomplished knitters, we are also in need of a white owl.

Please contact Sue or Jan for more information, and to let them know if you can help with this, I'm sure they will happily involve willing volunteers in other areas of the piece. 

Wool is available via Sue and Jan if required.

As far as evening meetings are concerned, there will be nothing further until Feb 2021 at the earliest.  This should be the AGM, and the Committee will discuss how to proceed in the new year.  


Thank you to those of you who have made a flower panel, Jo is planning to start work on the letters section for the banner.  Members can still create a piece for this, details on the blog. I (Gina) have the background fabric just let me know & I will post out to you .


I know many of you have been making masks (as I have myself), Pat has elastic (£1 for 5 yds)  and iron on Vilene (£1 per yd) - if anyone is in need please contact her.

I hope we can meet up again before too much longer - in the meantime stay safe,

Always good to hear that you have received this e mail  and how you are getting on.