Friday 26 January 2024

February Meeting


The February meeting will start with the Annual General Meeting.  

All the documents for the AGM are available in the pages section of the blog.  On a computer the pages show at the top right-hand corner of the blog.  On a phone click on the home key and a list of pages will appear.

We are aware that some members are unable to attend an afternoon meeting, if you do have any questions or comments on the AGM business, then we'd like to hear from you - please email so your thoughts can be included in the AGM.

The subscription for this year remains at £30 with visitors still paying £5.   As our insurance requires that visitors can only attend up to 2 meetings a year before joining as members.  It was agreed to highlight this to attendees at the AGM ie visitors are required to join (ie pay the balance of membership subscription after attending two meetings), if they wish to come to future meetings. 

Workshops will be charged at £30 for members, and £35 for non-members. However, more expensive speakers and those providing materials will be £35 for members, £40 for non-members. The Committee have also agreed that we will require full payment up front for future workshops. Due to the high costs involved it’s sensible to ensure they are viable before we go ahead with the booking, which I hope you will understand.

After the AGM we are taking a closer look at the completed travelling books & Jeannie from Quilteeze is the trader.

 We look forward to seeing you all.

Gina Cooke