Wednesday 19 April 2023

May Speaker - Stitchywoowoo

Our speaker for the May Meeting is Sally Hutson of Stitchywoowoo.  Her talk is entitled "How did I Get Here".

Sally Hutson is a textile artist who uses a variety of techniques to produce one off textiles.

Embroiderer, Quilter and Doll Maker, her range of work is exciting and innovative. She has a passion for antique and vintage textiles and uses many old pieces in her work. She also combines commercial printed fabrics with many of her hand dyed fabrics. Every work is a unique one off piece of art.

Sally has an MA in Textiles and Anthropology. She has lectured full time in the History of Textiles and Applied Textiles. As a Textile Historian Sally believes old and worn cloth have memory held within the weave and threads. She stitches these fading memories into a beautiful rich narrative of past times and lives.

Sally runs workshops and gives talks to groups. 


Friday 14 April 2023

April Meeting

 "Lock Down and Love it" seems an unlikely title for our April meeting, in view of our personal memories of that time. 

However, it was chosen by our speaker: textile artist Moira Neal for her second visit to Cosby Quilters.  Her positive attitude to her own experiences was refreshing as well as a little reminder of what many of us did at that time.

The positive slant covered teaching her 17 year old grand-daughter to drive on  relatively quiet roads while delivering the items she had produced for the NHS and care homes.  Even her array of colourful and often numerous face masks led to an artistic arrangement, not to mention her personal ones hung on a useful rack made from recycled materials.

She was also energetic and imaginative in the kitchen producing a variety of preserves from surplus fruits.

Moira brought her colourful and attractive cards and led a successful workshop earlier in the day as well as large quilts.

Her entertaining style gave us a very enjoyable evening and a positive feast for the eyes.

Kathy Francis