Thursday 23 April 2020


Please note that the June meeting has been cancelled.

23rd April 2020 - Members Projects

First Batch

Second Batch

Viv Denscombe has made two  batches of headbands for nurses - she has had masses of requests for them.

Pat Screaton says we have done 102  Jan  Gamble has done the most 38, Pam Morris 8, Hilary Radley 2, Me 20 and Sylvia Winn 34.  They  have been made by Cosby quilters and Ashby Magna sewing group. JAN WATSON has done some more head bands.  

Sue Skelton and Kathy Francis have made another 25 laundry bags sent to LRI with my next door neighbour who works there.

Thursday 16 April 2020

16th April 2020 Members Posts

A collection of 33 laundry bags made by Jean Waterfield, Pam Morris, Gina Cooke, Jan Watson and Pat Screaton before being taken to the Royal.

Jan Watson took the bags to the Royal and there was a big thankyou for them.  They need more so please try to make some.

My Kantha Flower for the Banner

Monday 13 April 2020

13th April 2020 Members Projects

Vicky Cooper's Post

One of my first quilting friends was Elaine Capewell....and she told me....
“Never waste anything, after a project, cut up all the remaining fabric into different sized squares”.
Of course, I did as I was that’s why I’m sitting here, colour coordinating the aforementioned squares. The result is, greeting cards....

Pam Morris's Post

Pam has made 5 bags for the LRI as seen on the Cosby Quilters blog.

Wednesday 8 April 2020

8th April 2020 Members Projects

Posts from Viv Denscombe and Vicky Cooper

Viv Denscombe has been taking advantage of the weather.  She has dyed old sheets and been doing colour matched dyeing.  

Today she has done more hand dyeing and started washing the house flowers (artificial - even she hasn't got to the stage of washing the garden flowers)

Vicky has made more masks

Another 14 made, and 8 to complete, This time with ties....due to elastic shortages.  Must confess, I am getting a bit fed up with them now !

Some of my masks are being despatched today to two members of our police force in
Worcestershire. They can’t get hold hold of any .

Bags for Scrub Uniforms

Leicester Royal Infirmary has also advised that they need bags in cotton that they can put their scrub uniforms in to bring home and put straight in the wash.  The finished bags need to be a minimum of 14" by 16" when made up.  You could use two fat quarters.

Gina has made 3 kit bags for the appeal using some fabric from her stash. They are quite straight forward and reminded her of her school days when she used to make gym bags for herself, sister & friends.

Sunday 5 April 2020

Headbands required for Leicester Royal Infirmary

A nurse from Leicester Royal Infirmary Emergency Dept has appealed for headbands to help wearing a mask less painful. Can you sew, can you help please?
A pattern has been put together with some instructions below;
UPDATE - feedback has suggested
1). making the bands longer (to fit a bigger head) and wider. Please adapt the template to suit. The pattern can be elongated or change the elastic to 5.5’’
2). It is not essential to enclose the elastic, that is just for completeness but definitely not essential
ALL FEEDBACK is much appreciated.
Cotton fabric to be washed at 60 degrees
Follow the pattern and cut 2 of the main headband pieces and 1 of the small rectangle to cover the elastic.
Take the two main pieces and place right sides together
Press a 1/4 inch seam on the short end of all four ends
Sew 1/4 inch seam along the long edge on both sides
Turn right sides out and press (I used the safety pin trick)

Fold rectangle in half lengthways and sew 1/4 inch seam along the long edge.
Turn right sides out
Place elastic into tube
Sew along one end of tube securing the elastic into that.
Gather up the fabric and repeat at the opposite end securing the elastic into the seam.
Take the finished elastic tube and place it into the main headband, pin and sew. Repeat for the other side.
Sew a button to each side where your ears are. This will allow the face mask to be hooked on.
Please add a handmade by .... label if you can. I’m sure that will mean so much to the recipient 💙 🌈
Send to;
FAO Kristina Phipps
Emergency Department
Leicester Royal Infirmary
Infirmary Square
LE1 5WW. Mark the envelope HEADBANDS!

Template below

5th April 2020 - Members Projects 2

Kathy Francis has completed a vine with birds for the Jungle Book Cosby yarn bomb

and here is her flower for the banner

5th April 2020 Members projects

Viv Denscombe's initial project was to tidy the room where she keeps her stash etc.  As a result she was found a number of unfinished projects.  She says

Ok so my workroom after a week of sorting let the creativity begin

Even my inspiration wall is neat

Project 1 nearing completion after tidy up  ... need wadding and backing fabric to finish ......bah humbug it will have to wait!

Thursday 2 April 2020

Yarn Bombing Jungle Book

The makers are Sue Wilson, Jan Gamble and Sue Skelton.  We still need wolves, vultures, elephants and lots and lots of leaves.  For more information, if you want to contribute, contact either Sue Wilson on 07840 204543 or Jan Gamble on 0116 2867996.

2nd April - Members Projects

As I have a number of family birthdays coming along in quick succession, I thought this would be a good time to make presents rather than buy them. 

The tree is embroidered onto a piece of felt & embellished with beads, then mounted & framed.

The lacey piece is small pieces of lace & silk which I've layered & stitched into position. Mounted & framed.

Gina Cooke

Vicky Cooper has been making face masks.