Monday 6 September 2021

September Meeting

For the first time in 18 months Cosby Quilters were able to meet on Wednesday 1st September.  In fact we met twice: afternoon and evening and we are pleased to report very good support for each meeting.

We observed "covid awareness restrictions" but it was good to meet with everyone again and catch up with news.  It was also inspiring to see many of the varied items people had made - some had tried new techniques and crafts.

The Cosby Village Yarn Bombing was also discussed and greatly admired, a special mention being made of our own "Harry Potter" display and the members who had put so much time and effort into it.

Future meetings were discussed and tentatively planned.  October will probably be afternoon and evening again but after that we will have to be guided by the situation nearer the time and possible changing events.

All in all we were glad to be back and cross our fingers for future meetings!

Kathy Francis

We took photographs in the evening meeting of the show and tell.  My apologies to the members who brought items in the afternoon as I didn't at that time think to take photos.  A selection is below.

The first one is of the flower blocks that have been made for the new Cosby Quilters 

Jo is still waiting for some more blocks to come in.  If you have completed one or are currently making one, please let a committee member have it or bring it to the next meeting.

Gina  reminded us about the 6" square in your favourite colours.  This can be in any medium, knitted, painted, embroidered etc.  Eventually they will be used for display purposes.  So far we have received two.

Gina's Projects

Elaine's Crocheted blanket using a variety of crochet stitches.

Sue's Knitted Blankets

Elaine's Blanket

Jo's 12 days of Christmas felt hangings

Marie's Christmas Wreath

Therese's bag back and front

Kathy's Quilts

Pat's Quilts and Yarn Bomb T Shirt

Pam's Lockdown Projects