Monday 19 August 2019

September Speaker

On the 4th September the founder of Monkey Buttons Amanda Hall's talk is entitled " Its the Colours".

She will bring along around 50 different items - bags, wall hangings and quilts.  Each one will be discussed, looking at colours, design and techniques used.  Amanda is known for her love of Taupe fabrics.  Amanda says the title of the talk is "often what people are heard to say when looking at the stand at an exhibition. The soft muted colours blend well together, giving a harmonious effect."

A workshop will be held on Thursday 5th September and the following items will be available to make.  
African Basket

Harebell Wall Hanging


This is a new bag pattern.  It is either a large wide bag with interesting pieced panel where the centres appear to float 20" wide at to and 12" at the base, 12"tall or a small plain bag 16" by 9" by 10".

In July Deborah O'Hare came with Tales from her Scrap Bag.  It was a very interesting talk demonstrating how many things could be made from scraps and how those small projects stimulated using different techniques.  Some of her projects are shown below.