Sunday 31 January 2021


 AGM Minutes and Treasurers report for the AGM 2021.

Treasurer’s Report for year ended 31/12/20

The summary shows the financial position for 2020 plus the previous 2 years’ figures for comparison purposes. I felt this would be helpful as the 2020 results are quite unusual.

The key points to highlight are as follows:

 The Group is in a strong financial position, with a balance of £3,591 at the year end 31/12/20, although both income and expenditure are significantly down this year for reasons we are all well aware of.

Our spend for the year was just £646, this includes payment of the hall for the full year, which will be carried forward and used when we resume. There is no insurance cost for 2020, which we usually renew in November, as the cover was extended free of charge by the Quilter’s Guild. It now runs to 28/02/21, and we expect to be updated on the situation regarding renewal at around that time.

Total income was £1770, the major items here are subscriptions which held up well at £1,160 for the year. Funds were boosted as we received a generous bequest of £500 left to us by our founder Joan Smith. Details of our plans for this will be covered in AOB.

Saturday 30 January 2021

Thursday 28 January 2021

Members Projects 28 January 2021


Jo Turner has been making these bags from the monkey buttons pattern we got at a workshop some years ago.  She used 2 inch strips kindly given to her by Lynn Spencer in another life!!

Gina Cooke has made this small Christmas hanging for her 5 year old niece.  She like to stay in touch even if she can't see her in person.  Gina has also used some of her left over Christmas fabrics to make a couple of runners which were well received.

Sue Skelton has made this quilt from scraps left from a farm quilt over eight years ago and the pieces left from a Hungry Caterpillar quilt made around the same time, with a few extra plains.  My cousin's grandson has just told us that he will be a father in May.  So it has a home to go to probably in the post.

Wednesday 6 January 2021

 Vicky Cooper has sent the following message

 I really must try and reduce my stash! 
I know it cost me a lot of cash.
I’ve got the time, so really should sew,
But seem to have lost my get up and go.
I go to my cupboard, and roll my eyes
How did it all grow to get this size?
I turn away and close the door
Why did I buy it?   I’m really not sure!

It just seemed a good idea at the time!