Friday 10 December 2021

Cosby Yarn Bomb 2022 Update

 These are the items that have been collected at the last two meetings.

Thank you to everyone you has contributed to our collection but we will still need more as we have a very large area to cover.  In particular we need more sea weed, sea urchins and barnacles to cover the rock that the fish will be swimming round.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

November Meeting

At long last November 2021 saw our first evening meeting with a speaker!  It was Sarah Humphries first presentation since the original lockdown as well.

It was good to be returning to some semblance of normality while having to observe some degree of "distance" to stay safe.

However our speaker did not disappoint.  It was fascinating to hear her sewing and quilting journey and see so many examples of her work.  We were impressed with Sarah's early quilts, many of them large, all ham pieced over papers when she was still a teenager.

She was also able to show her complete lack of actual quilting in the beginning, followed by more and more hand quilting, increasing to the high density and quality of the quilting she does today, much of which is now machine quilted.

There was so much to see and admire - we have missed our regular sharing of quilt stories - so fingers crossed that we can continue doing so uninterrupted in the future.

Here is some examples of her work.

This quilt was designed to reflect Mary Quant, Vivienne Westwood and Kathleen Hamnett designs for clothes.

Her first quilt as a teenager

An initial attempt at machine quilting but the patchwork is still hand pieced

Two modern pieces made for challenges

Tuesday 19 October 2021


 The Joan Smith bursary was drawn at the last meeting.  The first two winners are Marjorie Sanders and Gina Cooke.

Last weekend Viv Denscombe and Gina Cooke took part in the Leicester Race for Life. They were joined by two friends of Viv.

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Cosby Yarn Bomb 2022

This year we will be making an underwater coral and fish scene.  With a bleached side to represent global warming shading up to a more colourful side to represent how it should be.  We are hoping that our members who like to do knitting and crocheting would help us to create the scene.  We need lots of help as those living in Cosby will also be doing their own displays.  Pat will be sending out an email with links to patterns but we also have copies of patterns.  We need in particular 300 small yellow fish.  We have 70 so far.  The patterns will be available at the next meeting meeting or contact Sue Wilson.
Here are some examples of items that have already been made.

October Meeting

Our October meeting was once again held in two sessions - afternoon and evening.  Both were well attended and were enjoyable events giving the opportunity to meet friends and fellow crafters and share our projects.

In the afternoon Janice Cook showed us her "lock down" projects.  She showed many examples and gave careful explanations of her experiments with Intense pencils and Intense colour blocks and several other techniques.  All were beautifully presented as the photographs show.

At both sessions we were brought up to date with preparations for next years Yarn Bombing.  A number of samples for our group's display had been prepared and wool and patterns were available for anyone who would like to join in.  This offer was especially taken up in the evening session.

There was added excitement when news came through that the village organisers of the yarn bombing had won the community award given by Blaby District Council which was taking place "live" as we were meeting.

Next month on Wednesday 3rd November our meeting returns to the evening when the speaker will be Sarah Humphreys with her talk Youngish Modernish.  we shall still be observing necessary Covid precautions.

Janice's initial trials were using the pencils on paper.

She created a cushion using a traced design, embroidering the design and colouring the flowers and leaves using the ink intense blocks, mixed with a paint medium.
Using the same method she created the two images below.

She also completed projects and challenges with Leicester Quilters. Making Dorset buttons and inch blocks.  These are just a few examples.

Sue Skelton showed us two quilts she made during lock down in an effort to reduce all the scrap she has accumulated.  Both the calico and the black were scrap ends of pieces previously made along with the coloured squares.

Kathy had made a quilt using Japanese Fabric.

Gina has been making quilts for the incubators at the Royal.

Pat's projects made since the last meeting

Sue Stacey showed us her wall hanging and handbag.

Denise Clare had crocheted a blanket, a shawl and knitted a shawl.

Monday 6 September 2021

September Meeting

For the first time in 18 months Cosby Quilters were able to meet on Wednesday 1st September.  In fact we met twice: afternoon and evening and we are pleased to report very good support for each meeting.

We observed "covid awareness restrictions" but it was good to meet with everyone again and catch up with news.  It was also inspiring to see many of the varied items people had made - some had tried new techniques and crafts.

The Cosby Village Yarn Bombing was also discussed and greatly admired, a special mention being made of our own "Harry Potter" display and the members who had put so much time and effort into it.

Future meetings were discussed and tentatively planned.  October will probably be afternoon and evening again but after that we will have to be guided by the situation nearer the time and possible changing events.

All in all we were glad to be back and cross our fingers for future meetings!

Kathy Francis

We took photographs in the evening meeting of the show and tell.  My apologies to the members who brought items in the afternoon as I didn't at that time think to take photos.  A selection is below.

The first one is of the flower blocks that have been made for the new Cosby Quilters 

Jo is still waiting for some more blocks to come in.  If you have completed one or are currently making one, please let a committee member have it or bring it to the next meeting.

Gina  reminded us about the 6" square in your favourite colours.  This can be in any medium, knitted, painted, embroidered etc.  Eventually they will be used for display purposes.  So far we have received two.

Gina's Projects

Elaine's Crocheted blanket using a variety of crochet stitches.

Sue's Knitted Blankets

Elaine's Blanket

Jo's 12 days of Christmas felt hangings

Marie's Christmas Wreath

Therese's bag back and front

Kathy's Quilts

Pat's Quilts and Yarn Bomb T Shirt

Pam's Lockdown Projects