Monday 30 July 2012


The final count of quilts came to.....111
This included eight small quilts which will go the the Prem Unit at the General Hospital
This also includes five quilts awaiting collection from Viv and her ladies.

Before the quilts actually got packed up, I was asked if we would sell them to individuals.
I initially said No, but then realised that Inter Care, also need money to despatch goods.
So, since two of them were mine, and one other, I accepted payments totalling £65, which I gave to Intercare,
As it happens, it will cost roughly £1 to send out each quilt, so I felt this made good sense

On Thursday we (Elaine Capewell and I) went over to Syston to the premises of Inter Care Limited, with a boot full of quilts.
We were given a very warm welcome by the volunteers led by Diane Hardy the General Manager.
They were all very impressed by the handiwork of our quilters, but in turn, Elaine and I were impressed by the work carried out by this group.
Our quilts will make a huge difference to the recipients who often have only  straw mats to sleep on, and have no item they can call their own.
Our quilts will go with the medical aid, maybe only two or three at a time, since one of their main problems is transport costs.  They are currently only able to despatch light-weight goods, as they are struggling for funds, and cannot send out heavier goods, such as equipment.
One of the volunteers is going to Malawi in September, and she intends to take as many quilts as she can, and will also take photos for us.
Intercare support the work of 121 rural hospitals, dispensaries, and health centres in Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Zambia, Sierra Leone and Malawi.  The way it works, each centre will send a 'wish list' to Inter Care, and on this list they will indicate medicines that are urgently required, others which they would like if possible, then finally items which would be good, but not absolutely vital.
The staff at Inter Care, then do their best to collect these items, and pack the medicines as required.  They aim to supply each of the 121 centres twice a year, and all goods have to be sent by courier, and air transport.  Hence the great expense.
And for those who have asked the question: 'How do we know they are received by the right people?'.  We are assured that the recipients have to acknowledge what they have received.  If they fail to confirm this, then  supplies will not be sent again.
Inter Care have been supporting health units in Saharan Africa since 1974 and is staffed mostly by volunteers.  They have no Government funding and all the income they receive is by donations, or fund raising, and yet they have managed to send more than £10 million worth of medicines over the years.
They are the only registered charity in the UK doing this work, and have recently been awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.
If we stop and consider that drugs estimated at the value of £400-£800 million a year are prescribed and wasted.......then surely where possible, it is better to hand them over to Inter Care.  (They do need to have  a shelf life of 15 months).
So I feel that we at Cosby Quilters, and all the many other sewing groups, have helped this charity and the lives of the people in Africa.
Here are some photos taken at Inter Care - and - these people really do care!

One of Mary Harvey's quilts is admired by Diane Hardy, Dr Helen Cox and  one of the volunteers

Medicines are sorted by the pharmacists and medically trained staff

Diane and Elaine discuss medical criteria

Everything is carefully checked before packing

So, the Quilts for Africa appeal will be on-going, as long as people feel they want to continue to contribute.
There are also other ways of helping, any un-wanted medicines which can be handed to Vicky Cooper.  They do fund-raising and ask for items such as used stamps, foreign currency, jewellery, mobile phones, and printer cartridges.
Needless to say, monetary donations are gratefully received....
£10 would ship 3kg of medicines to Africa,
£25 would buy antibiotics to treat 83 children
£50 would send 1000 tablets to treat malaria
£1200 would support a health unit for one year

For every £1 collected - they send £4 worth of aid

I hope everyone feels as delighted (nay, euphoric)  as I do at the amazing result.
Thank you everyone

PS I have received a lovely Thank You letter from Inter Care, which I will pass around at the next meeting of Cosby Quilters on................Wednesday 5 September


Thursday 26 July 2012

What an amazing response....
In a very short space of time, little more than a month, word was passed around about Quilts for Africa.
The appeal went out to all Cosby Quilters, and other groups, and lo and behold........
We received in excess of 100 quilts, in various shapes, sizes and colours.
We know there are more out there, in various stages of completion.  Let's hope there are not too many of the old U F O's.  We are still happy to receive your donations, this is an on-going appeal, as there is always a need in the African countries.  We are supplying to orphanages, clinics, hospitals, schools, and our quilts will go with the medications.
This morning, Elaine and I took the quilts along to the Intercare premises in Syston, and we had the most wonderfully warm reception from Diane and her volunteers.  Lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing, and compliments.
But the compliments were well earned ladies, you have all been a credit to Cosby Quilters (and other groups).  Do you realise what a talented bunch you are?????
I have taken quite some photos of the quilts displayed prior to being packed up.

So, I am showing below, two photos taken at the weekend.... can you spot your handiwork?

Over the next few days I will send information and photos about our time at Intercare.
Keep checking the blog!

Wednesday 25 July 2012

SEW IN - Last Friday - and still recovering....
We had the best day!  Committee members, CQ members, and two new ladies who 'just came along'.
Everyone quickly set to, cutting, ironing, choosing materials, making wadding 'grow', patching, quilting, and last but not least, sewing on our very own Cosby Quilters labels which read:
"Made for You by Cosby Quilters, Leicestershire, UK"

We all worked hard, and just about managed to have an odd coffee and tea to sustain us.
It was an excellent day, and I think everyone felt satisfied that they had achieved a great deal.
A big thank you to everyone.

Tomorrow, we can reveal our grand total.

Elaine and I are going to Intercare to take the quilts, ready for their onward journey.

More news in the next few days

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Over the weekend I had a chat with both Dave and Brenda Lincoln, and John and Dee Franks, who have been doing incredible work for the injured servicemen.
Most people in quilting circles are well aware of this work, from back in the early days when they collected mens'  shirts to make into quilts.
The project has grown from those days in 2009, and I am attaching (hopefully) an information sheet.
They no longer take shirts, since the quilts are now more specialised.
However they do accept sheets and duvet covers - definitely not in girly colours - these are real men!
If you have any large pieces of fabric, these are most welcome.
Contact details below:
Dave and Brenda - tel 01455 554584             John and Dee - tel 01455 554619

This project was started in the spring of 2009, to try to bring a smile to the faces of the many young Service men and women who were, and still are, being very seriously injured in Afghanistan.  Also to let them know that many people really do care about what is happening to them.

The average age of the injured is 18-25, and many suffer life-changing injuries.    Increasingly we are meeting triple amputees who have lost both legs and an arm.  Many more are suffering other horrendous injuries, both physical and mental.

Despite these injuries they remain very positive and determined to make the most of their new lives.  Once they start their rehabilitation they can be standing on new prosthetic limbs in 3 days.  If they have a below-the-knee amputation they can go back to the front line!

Many go on to raise funds for the many charities which support them – sky diving, cycling from Lands End to John O Groats etc., etc.

We make bespoke “regimental” quilts with whatever details each man requires.  This is our way of thanking them for their sacrifice for their country, they have become trophies and, they tell us, morale boosters.  We also deliver patchwork quilts, made by groups all over the country to the various recovery centres around the UK.

To date we have delivered over 950 quilts.

Each quilt costs approximately £100 to buy the fabrics required. 

We raise funds by giving talks and receiving donations from the public to whom we are greatly indebted.  We shall continue to show the respect and admiration, of us all, for these courageous young Servicemen. 
I started the blog on the 29 May - and I was a blogging virgin (or should it be a virgin blogger?!?!) at that point ....
I have just looked at our stats for the blog, and I was very pleasantly surprised.
We have had 606 viewings, and these include:-
8 from Russian  -  17 from USA  -  1 from Germany
But, I'm not satisfied with that - cos - half of them could be me, checking to see if anyone has looked at my blog!

Sunday 8 July 2012

I have now input the email addresses which I have been given.
However, some have been returned, so they are incorrect.  This could be because I have not deciphered your writing correctly
These are, addresses for Kathryn Farmer, Jan Cherry and K Ainsworth
So, if you read the blog (and I'm checking) , you will be able to email me with correct addresses
Anyone else who wants to be put on an email list, please send your full name, and email address
Many thanks

Saturday 7 July 2012

COSBY QUILTERS MEETING - Wednesday 4 July 2012

Considering the dire weather (which we might just be getting used to), we had a great turn out for our monthly meeting.
We have another new member (welcome Jane), several visitors, and ladies actually travelled from Nottingham.  So thank you one and all.

It was a great evening thanks to our speaker Claire Tinsley from Hannah's Room.  She told us 'her story', and it's amazing how she manages to create such beautiful work,  and often in a short space of time.
Sue was ably assisted by Mr Tinsley (didn't get round to asking his Christian name), who is very  knowledgeable about her quilts, as well as setting up and handling the sales tables.  

Must say, I could not resist the yummy batiks, such beautiful colours, and ab excellent quality too.  Come August I will be heading off to Hannah's Room at the NEC - just to take a peek!!!!

One of the highlights of our meeting was to receive so many quilts for the babies and children in Africa.  These are being sent out with Intercare, (not Mercy Ships), a Syston  based charity. They send donated medicines out to African countries, and our quilts will find their way to orphanages, clinics and hospitals.
This appeal which was mentioned barely a month ago, and has brought forth, 65 quilts.  

Do you think we can make it to 100???
Please note, we have plenty of the small size now, and are seeking cot sized quilts.

SEW-IN DAYThis is taking place at Ashby Magna Village Hall on Friday 20 July from 10 to 4.  The aim is to work together to create more quilts.  Those who can bring machines please do so, but we will need help with pressing, cutting, sewing in the new COSBY QUILTERS labels, making tea, washing up etc.  it's a case of ALL HANDS ON DECKS GIRLS!
Bring a packed lunch.  Drinks and biscuits provided.
Bring any spare material and wadding if you have it.
This day is a massive leap of faith, and we really need your  support. Even if you come for just a few hours.

As ever we are conscious that our members have varying degrees of experience with patchwork and quilting.  So, to that end, we are thinking of forming small self help groups.  Whichever technique you require help with, we will try to find a member who can demonstrate and explain 'how it's done'.
Here again, it's something new, and make take a little time to get off the ground.  Thank you to those ladies who requested help, your committee are working on it!

We thought it might be useful to have a Wanted/For Sale spot on our blog, so if you are upgrading your sewing machine (or any sewing/craft item), why not let us know.  This is obviously free, and could prove useful for both a seller and buyer.
Email me: