Friday 10 February 2017

February Meeting

A belated Happy New Year!  Our first meeting of 2017 was our AGM on 1st February.  The 2015/16 minutes and the chairman's report on 2016 reminded us of the variety of speakers and topics we have enjoyed.  There were two committee changes for the coming year:  Jacquie Durber stood down as chairman and also Elaine Capewell.  We thanks them both for all their hard work.  Fortunately Gina Cooke has agreed to take over as chairman.  Our treasurer reported quite a healthy financial situation but there will be a slight increase in the annual subscription and workshop costs in line with the rising costs of speakers/travelling expenses.

The "business part" of the meeting was followed by a most inspiring "suitcase collection" of small quilts from the Quilters Guild Traditional Quilt Group.  It gave a fascinating glimpse of different interpretations of "Traditions".  They illustrated so many designs and techniques coupled with skilled workmanship which was enjoyed by both new and established quilters.

Examples of the quilts in the suitcase collection