Tuesday 5 March 2013


I know a lot of you managed to get a glimpse of the beautiful heart quilt which  was raffled on the 14th  February.
But I would like to give you the background story to this.
Jacquie Durbar had asked some of her students to do a  heart project.  Red hearts on a cream background, and as a consequence she received 38 beautifully crafted squares.
At that point, they did not have a destination, but as we know, fate often intervenes.
At about the same time GwynethTindall had expressed a desire to make a quilt for a breast cancer charity, and Chris Ingham ('she who knows everything'), put two and two together, and the squares were duly handed over to Gwyneth.
So With the help of Chris Ingham, Joan Ainsworth, June White, and Sylvia Palmer,  Gwyneth had found a team of willing hands.
They made more squares, fiddled and improvised, and finally had their masterpiece ready for quilting.
This is where Liz Ingram came upon the scene with an offer to do the quilting.
The next part was to get it raffled, and they hoped they might sell 300 tickets.
In fact they sold 1,000 tickets and raised  £1,000 for Breast Care UK.
What an amazing achievement ladies!
PS. The winner of this quilt is a member of Lutterworth Embroidery Guild, so it will obviously be much appreciated.

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