Tuesday 5 March 2013


I think most of you know by now, that one of our members has been awarded an MBE.
Yes, it's  Chris Ingham!
The award was for her work for the leukaemia and lymphoma charities, who she raises money for, in a very enthusiastic and tireless manner.
And so it was, that on 13 December 2012' she travelled to London (first class of course), with two daughters and her youngest son.
It was a day of 'highs' for Chris.
In her very determined manner, she managed to walk up the grand staircase (despite normally needing a walking aid), and dressed in her finery, she was duly received by HRH Prince Charles.  He presented her with her award, and Chris told me 'he was lovely'.
The family then took her to Covent Garden where they had lunch, and then on to the Leukaemia HQ.
It was her first visit to the HQ, and she was warmly welcomed  by the staff.  She was happy to observe that the offices were not too grand, and  she therefore felt that the funds were being well spent.  Nothing too plush that would denote that the money was going in the wrong direction!  (She doesn't miss much!)
So, at the end of the day, she arrived back in Leicestershire,  with her 'gong' which is richly deserved.

Hereinafter, we will all curtsey and only address her as Mrs Christine Ingham. MBE

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