Thursday 22 November 2012

CHERISHED MEMORIES - 27 October 2012

Several of us spent a fun day with Viv, at the Village Hall in Ashby Magna, where we were shown how to create beautiful little pages in which to put photos, momentoes, or keepsakes.
Viv explained her techniques carefully and precisely, and then led us through the various stages.   She aided those who needed it - some more than others.
But it was a great day, with some new faces to our group.
As usual, there were the 'I'm going to make three of these' group, and the 'I'll be lucky to get this finished' group.  But we all worked together, in a very jolly atmosphere.
I'm sure everyone will agree, it was another fun day, and we all look forward to booking Viv for some more of her workshops

Here is a sample of some of the work produced.

A sample of Jan's work

Both of these are Pat's handiwork

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