Tuesday 2 October 2012

Have I been missed?

Just returned from a holiday in sunny Spain, where it was not totally wall to wall sunshine.
Last Friday, we had non stop rain for several hours which culminated in very severe floods.  The volume of water was such that it totally devastated the bridge in our little pueblo (village), and several other bridges in villages nearby. It was total devastation and very very scary.  
Lives were lost, humans and livestock.  Houses were wrecked, fields swamped, cars floated away, roads just broke apart.
Our casa withstood the conditions (glad to report)
We were without water - and when we returned yesterday it still had not been re-connected.
Not exactly Cosby Quilter News, but what I am coming to, is.....
So, what do we do when the rain comes?
Why, we get out the hexagons.....
Take a handful of hexagons

Jiggle them about
Then slowly but surely, it starts to grow

I made quite a lot of progress

Have more news to add, keep checking

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