Friday 5 October 2012


We feel very privileged to have had Janet Clare visit Cosby Quilters.
She arrived on Wednesday to give us a talk, and show her work.
It is always interesting to hear how a person became involved with sewing and quilting, and Janet's story was no exception,despite her youth.
Following her talk, we were invited to examine her work ......touch it and take a close look.
In fact the ladies making the refreshments wondered what had happened. Instead  of the usual rush for tea and biscuits, our members spent a long time looking at Janet's work.
The workshop on Thursday  proved to be a great success.
Janet explained her techniques and demonstrated, and then it was out turn.....
'write your name ' was the first challenge, and as we were using sewing machines, this was not as easy as we imagined.
Oh to have a name such as Fi -Fi . That would be so easy!
We progressed to faces, penguins, camels, and houses and trees.  Thinking each would definitely be easier.  How wrong can you be ?
It was amazing how the day evolved and how each person found a style of work which became personal to them, not quite like Janet's, but still fun and quirky.
At the end of the day, there was a very varied display of work, but most importantly it had been a fun day.

Show and Tell Time

Quite a variety of ideas

The theme was 'Working with Nature'
and we all had our own interpretation!

And we were still smiling to the end...

Thank you Janet Clare!

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