Sunday 29 March 2020

29th March 2020 - Members Projects

Hopefully you will have received an email from Pat Screaton about sharing your finished projects with us all whilst we are in lockdown.

These are Gina's completed projects


This is My flower panel for the Cosby Quilters banner.
I've had a small piece of liberty lawn fabric for some time & not known what to do with it.  It seemed ideal for this project. 
I used  bondaweb, cut out the required pieces and ironed them into position.  Using 2 layers of scrim on the back of the fabric provided by Jo, to give me a stable backing, I used free motion stitching to add details and give a 3D effect. It was simple, quick and satisfying!

This is my 'Little Birdie' made using a Gilli Theokritoff pattern. It's mostly running stitch with a little back stitch, so very simple.   She ran a workshop for us some years ago, which was very relaxing and enjoyable.  Since then I've made several 'Birdies' as presents for friends and thought it was about time I did one for myself.
Gina Cooke

This is Vicky's Project

I’d like to share my embroidery panel with everyone.
I started this in 1971....being rather pregnant......and finding time on my hands.
Obviously there wasn’t enough I’ve only just finished it!
It measures 40 x 21” and I think I’ve I bought it from Prima magazine.
Does anyone else have anything that became vintage before it was completed?
Vicky Cooper

Pat Screaton has been using her time at home to sort out all of her stash.  She has found some yarn which she feels could be used for the Cosby Yarn Bombing.  As you know the group's project for this is the Jungle Book and most of the yarn she has found is pastel colours and probably not suitable.  If anyone is involved in any of the other projects please contact Pat if you are interested in the yarn in the photos below.

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