Sunday 10 June 2012


Where does  it go?
This was a question I recently asked about the scrap fabric and cotton which we diligently put into a carrier bag at the the end of sewing sessions.
Perhaps I was the only person who was not ‘in on it’, but I discovered that this waste, and waste from many other sewing groups , was put together and handed to Chris Ingham.
So what does Chris Ingham do with a mountain of waste fabric?
Well Chris, along with her volunteers pass on this fabric to a recycling company.  But what  I now know, is that it isn’t just fabric she squirrels away, she can re-cycle anything (almost), shoes which are way past their sell-by dates, clothes, bedding, books, household goods,  virtually anything  has a value to someone like Chris.
Then what?
The proceeds of this ‘waste’ are then handed over to the Lutterworth Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research Charity, and just recently she and her staff and volunteers have handed over a cheque for £100,000.00.  (Yes, I’ve got the zeros right!)  What a massive amount of money, all given to a very worthwhile cause.  Chris's daughter Lesley has  overseen the running of two shops in Lutterworth, for the last three years and although Chris is slowly taking a back seat she is always on hand at the shop.
There are only three Leukemia charity shops in the whole of the world.  Chris has recently been given a Certificate of Merit Award by the charity, in recognition of her good work.  This was one of only three given out annually, what an accolade.
Re-cycling has become the ‘in thing’, and many of us try to find a use or home for unwanted items, and not just send them to the land fill sites. So, if you have something to dispose of, take it along to Lutterworth to the shops situated on Station Road, and Bell Street.
One very important thing I need to mention.  Chris is a member of Cosby Quilters (hurrah), and has been for several years.  She has enjoyed being part of the group, and despite being involved with all this voluntary work, still finds time to make quilts for family, friends and charity.
What a woman!  Well done Chris.
If you want to read more about this charity, go to:
Ps…. The shop on the rear of the car park  also have a great haberdashery section where you can get cotton, silks, ribbons, zips, fabric, braid, and much more. The shop on Bell St also sells furniture, and can collect anything too big to go into your car, call Lesley on 01455 556649

More Profiles to follow……


  1. intresting even I did not know all that Chris has been doing.
    Blogspot, looking good

  2. Thanks for this... just presumed she was another who just cant throw away. Great work on the Blogspot Vicky! x