Wednesday 27 June 2012


Last night twenty five of our group visited Cosby Golf Club for a summer meal, as opposed to a Christmas meal.
This was a sort of trial, to save people having to drive during the winter when conditions are bad.  Glad to say, this proved to be a really good evening,
It was a really nice setting, overlooking the 18th hole, and the food was excellent, served by very pleasant staff.

Our stalwarts came from Rugby - Hurrah!    As well as more local ladies who simply walked across the road.

The general consensus of opinion is that we will do this again.

Location:      Perfect
Food:           First Class
Value:           Excellent
Company:     The best

And this is how the evening went:

Jan to Jan: 'You forgot your purse as
well?  Looks like we have to wash up'
'It's good for someone else to make the
drinks' says Elaine

The committee kept a strict eye on things
to make sure it didn't get too rowdy

What are they all looking at???

Alice came along to keep her mother
in order

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