Wednesday 27 June 2012

It's that Chris Ingham again -
And she is really making the News...........
Do you know, she is being awarded an MBE for her charity work?
I know she is an amazing lady, but this is just confirmation of what wonderful work she is doing, and has done for many years for Luekemia Research.
I had a quick chat with her this morning, and the conversation went a bit like this:
Q:  How does it feel?
A:  The same
Q:  When do you get presented?
A:  Not sure, I've put the letter somewhere, and can't find it at the moment.
Q: Why not?
A:  Well, I've got my friends here, and we're sorting out hexagons to make quilts for the old folk in winter.

We could do with a few more folk like Chris.

And - she is a member of Cosby Quilters too!
I know you'll read his Chris.......
Well done and many congratulations from all  your quilting friends.

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