Thursday, 15 February 2018


Our AGM went off smoothly on Wednesday 7th February.  Minutes of last years meeting were read and accepted and Gina gave a report of the 2017 activities and our financial position.  Anyone interested in joining a very friendly and happy group on the committee?

This was followed by a presentation by Gill Greany on her "textile rich" visits to India.  Led by Gill's obvious enthusiasm for the crafts people and the stunning textiles they produce, we were introduced to different areas, buildings, customs and sewing skills.  Many richly decorated samples were handed round for close inspection.  We marvelled at all that hand stitching.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

February Meeting

The February meeting will be the AGM followed by a talk from Gill Greany entitled "India a Textile Journey".  Gill Lives in Countesthorpe and is a textile designer with an interest in Indian textiles.  She exhibits and does workshops at the Big Textile Show.

Gill is on the left in the picture.

Information about the speakers and workshops for 2018 have been updated on the appropriate pages.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

November Speaker - Linda Chevell

Our speaker for November is Linda Chevell with her talk "From Rag Dolls to Slipper Stiches"
Linda has been quilting since 1991, when she joined Market Bosworth Quilters to learn what to do with a panel of hand-sewn patchwork.  She was very quickly addicted.  She learned mostly through making specific patterns at workshops and retreats, but might have progressed quicker with a more structured course.
Her background is Art and Design but she taught English until she retired in 2007.  Since she retired she has taught classes at Bramble Patch and Quilteez at Ratby.  Her classes are designed to help beginners and more experienced quilters to gain skills in a structured way and she enjoys helping new quilters to 'get hooked' and watching their pride and confidence grow.

Monday, 16 October 2017

October Meeting

Numerous examples of exciting techniques were handed round by Angie Hughes to illustrate her talk at our October meeting.

Angie is a textile artist who works with mixed media incorporating creative embroidery.  She explained the use of coloured foils and layered organza.  The colours achieved were beautiful.  Many samples, including innovative uses of bonding materials, were new to most of us an opened up many possibilities.

Those who attended her workshop the following day were impressed with her friendly and supportive help.

Kathy Francis

Friday, 29 September 2017

Viv's workshop

It’s a whole set of layering techniques (some hopefully you wont have tried before) with yummy fabrics, yarns, machine & hand stitch…and not a book cover in sight…. (yet)!

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Speaker for October

Our speaker for October is Angie Hughes with her talk entitled "Materials and Technics"

Angie is a textile artist and tutor, who lives and works in Ledbury, Herefordshire. She has been interested in textiles since she left school although only discovered creative embroidery in 1994 when she began studying City & Guilds at Malvern Hills College. While a student she won the prestigious Charles Henry Foyle Trust Award for Stitched Textiles with her piece 'Unfolding Word' and had 'Shroud' accepted for Art of the Stitch. She carried on her studies at Gloscat with Liz Harding after which she discovered a talent for teaching. 

Her artwork is inspired by many themes but particularly poetry or text and the natural world, particularly plant forms. 

Angie has recently enjoyed developing work that focuses on gardens that were once tamed but struggle and often succeed in becoming wild. She enjoys the juxtaposition of randomly ‘placed’ plants alongside the order the gardener tries to contain. Imagining these gardens in shadowy moonlit illumination, her colours have become almost monochromatic, silvers and blacks and those hard to name colours when light has faded. From drawings and photography Angie has developed her visual ideas through embroidery inventing simplified botanical forms. This recent work has seen her explore discharged and painted velvets, use heat transferred foils and layered organza which becomes intensely machine embroidered.

Examples of her work

We would like to thank Jackie Durber for stepping in as our speaker last month as Lucy Harding was unable to attend.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Speaker for September

The speaker for September is Lucy Harding with her talk entitled "Milkman's Daughter to Textile Artist"

She is a graduate of a Contemporary Crafts BA Hons course at Manchester Metropolitan University. specialising in Ceramics and Textiles.  

Don't forget there is a workshop with Angie Hughes "Exploring Velvet" on the 5th October 2017. Contact Pat Screaton if you are interested.  Details on the workshop page.