Thursday, 14 March 2019

March Meeting

On Wednesday 6th March we welcomed back Philippa Naylor for her talk "A Backbone, A Wishbone,  Funnybone".

It was truly an entertaining evening as Philippa worked her way, with accompanying slides, through her current phase of life and work.  Does she ever rest?  Topics included her family, her home and her work as well as frequent references to her beloved Yorkshire, all described with humour and seemingly at breakneck speed.

She is talented in so many craft areas as well as textiles and has time for home improvements, her allotment, cooking and teaching as well as producing exquisite garments and quilts.

The following day's workshop was so thoroughly prepared and presented in such detail.  We were worked hard but it was so worthwhile.

Kathy Francis

Examples of Philippa's miniature quilts

Saturday, 2 March 2019

March Speaker

The speaker for March is Philippa Naylor and her talk is entitled "A Backbone, A Wishbone, A Funny Bone".

Philippa has won many awards for her quilts in the UK and America and has written several books.

We look forward to seeing you in on the 6th March. 

Philippa With her family

Please note that the workshop on the 4th July has changed.  The title of the workshop is now Stitching Showcase.

The projects in September by Monkey Buttons are African Basket and Harebell.  The website is

Saturday, 16 February 2019

February Meeting

Business at the AGM on Wednesday 6th February was speedily and efficiently covered and we welcome a new member, Anne Cope, to our committee.

Our Speaker, David Lee, was able to give us so much information on his topic "Patterns of Life in Amish Quilts".

Judging by the unusually high number of questions he was asked at the end of the talk it was a subject that captured the interest of the audience who wanted to know more.  Lots of Amish quilts, both modern and early 20th century were shown and the relevance of their patterns and colours explained.

As well as this we were given an insight into the Amish philosophy and way of life which was fascinating.

Quilts formed, and are still forming, an important part of Amish women's lives from the utilitarian, social and now sometimes economic aspects of their society.  Examples of this work are highly prized and exhibited.

Examples of Amish Clothing made of very fine wool

The Amish generally do not have decoration in their houses.  The pieces shown on the chair would be used on their bent wood rocking chairs one of the few things that would have been decorated.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

January AGM and Speaker

At the January meeting we hold our AGM followed by a speaker.  The speaker is David Lee and his talk is entitled "Patterns of Life in Amish Quilts.

David is a Barrister in full time practice from chambers in London, specialising in serious criminal matters including rape and other sexual offences. 

Poles apart from his professional life, he has a particular interest in the Amish and their quilts arising from his early years living not far from several of their communities in the United States.  A small collection of pre-1940 quilts is the result, as well as some knowledge of their religion and historical background.

He has given several lectures/talks on the Amish and their quilts.  However, he has never placed one stitch on a quilt himself!

The annual membership fee remains unaltered at £25. The charge for non-members is £5.00 refundable if annual membership is taken out.

Everyone who takes out membership will go into a raffle in February, the result to be announced in March, and the winner will have their membership refunded. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

December Speaker

Our December speaker is Janet Wroe, the wardrobe mistress at the Concordia Theatre in Hinckley.  Her talk is entitled "You be the Judge".

Don't forget to bring food for the faith supper after the talk or any show and tell you may have completed.

The programme for next year is now available in pages and Pat will be taking bookings for the first workshop with Philippa Naylor see below.

The Finish Line. Unusual, creative and clever ways to complete your quilts.

Full day suitable for all levels.
Be inspired by a range of decorative edges to take your quilt, wall hanging or home furnishings from being good to being really special. We will make samples to discover how to create shaped and straight edge facings, how to make decorative rouleau loop trims and how to create a range of fancy prairie point details. In addition to this we will learn how to hang and support unusual shaped quilts with plastic boning reinforcements that are invisible from the front of the work. So much more interesting and inventive than the usual binding, this class will inspire you to make the most innovative design choices right up to the very last stitch!

November Meeting

At our November meeting we welcomed a local speaker:  Sandra Jenkins.

As a textile artist she presented a most comprehensive account of her sources, mostly from nature, for her designs.  Sandra explained them referring both to slides and actual samples.

While maybe not what many of the members of the audience had previously done themselves, Sandra captured their interest with her light hearted, easy manner.

She explained how she develops her designs from original images and drew parallels with the selection of colours, fabrics and designs for quilts.


Wednesday, 17 October 2018

November Speaker

Our speaker for November is Sandra Jenkins.  Her talk is entitled "Exploring Design Source for Embroidery".

This presentation traces some of the themes she has explored to develop ideas for textile work.
Drawing forms an important starting point and helps to shape ideas towards satisfying creative responses.

This is embellished handmade felt machine embroidery & printed paper.

Don't forget the Big Textile Show on the 27th and 28th of October.