Sunday 20 January 2013

Cosby Quilters Program 2013

6th Feb               Jennie Dobson              Foreign Fabrics and Friends

6th March           Katherine Guerrier      Quilts of all sizes

3rd April              Practical  evening        Questions and Answers

1st May               Gail Lawther                 Glimpses of New Zealand

5thJune               Susie Corke                  My Quilts 1990 – 2012

3rd  July              Jennie Stewart Anderson      From Rags to Riches

4th  Sept             Barbara Weeks           Trapping colour catching Light

2nd Oct               Maggie Davies             A little bit of everything

6th Nov               Pauline Barns              Texture and threads
4th Dec               Martin Clarke               A wiggle with a giggle
Christmas Party 

Workshops are to be show seperately:

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