Monday 20 August 2012

What do YOU think???
Today I visited a charity shop in Blaby, and happened to notice one very happy customer bundling a quilt into a shopping bag.
Since I am a very inquisitive person (some may say Nosey), I said, 'would you mind if I asked how much you paid for that?'
She happily showed me a good sized lap quilt, and said ....£10.  Then pointed to more on display, with similar price tags!
Not content to leave it there, I spoke to the assistant who told me that a bag of quilts had been left with them.  They obviously had no idea their worth.  I explained that the wadding alone would probably have cost £10, and felt that with all the work involved they were being grossly under-priced.
I said that if they doubled the price, that would still be very cheap for the amount of work involved - some had been hand quilted!
Should I be sad to know that someone has worked hard to create these quilts, and they end up being sold for a silly price?
or -
Should I be glad, that rather than laying in plastic bags, they will at last be used for what they are intended - to keep someone warm on a cold winter night
Your comments please............................

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  1. Know just how you felt. On visiting a market a short time ago I found some hand embroidered cloths for sale at next to nothing. When I asked the guy selling them if he knew who had stitched them, he said, 'Yes, my mum. I dont want them but I thought someone might'. Sad to see them going for a song, but someone (like me) would buy and love them :)