Monday 20 August 2012

I know a lot of you ladies had a day trolling around the NEC, with lists and purses clutched tightly.
So, what did you buy?
Did you find some amazing bargains, fabric, equipment?
Or, did you check out the displays of quilts and handiwork, and think how amazing some of it was.
I'll share with you one of my purchases, or even two....
I bought a small needle threading gadget, it's called INFILA and threads both large and small needles, far quicker than I can.  Made in Italy. Grazie a mille...
Then, I got drawn into a stand where two ladies were adeptly showing a binding tool, which makes it so much easier to join the binding on your quilt, giving a nice neat finish.  So, one quilt awaiting completion, let's give it a go....
Tried it this way, then that, could not quite figure it out,  but it tells you to check it out on You Tube and see their video.
So, you may guess what happened next - - - -
You got it, I went back to the  method Jenny Almond taught in her class - who needs a 'binding tool'?
For Sale:  one TQM Binding Tool - never used - no reasonable offer refused.


  1. Well... Did you see that quilt in the portrait section - it depicted cupped hands holding a broken bird...amazing detail in quilting and the colours were just fab!!

    Purchases.. well, yep, paint of course :)

    1. ... and it didnt get a prize...not even a Judge's commendation - phew!