Thursday 26 July 2012

What an amazing response....
In a very short space of time, little more than a month, word was passed around about Quilts for Africa.
The appeal went out to all Cosby Quilters, and other groups, and lo and behold........
We received in excess of 100 quilts, in various shapes, sizes and colours.
We know there are more out there, in various stages of completion.  Let's hope there are not too many of the old U F O's.  We are still happy to receive your donations, this is an on-going appeal, as there is always a need in the African countries.  We are supplying to orphanages, clinics, hospitals, schools, and our quilts will go with the medications.
This morning, Elaine and I took the quilts along to the Intercare premises in Syston, and we had the most wonderfully warm reception from Diane and her volunteers.  Lots of ooh-ing and aah-ing, and compliments.
But the compliments were well earned ladies, you have all been a credit to Cosby Quilters (and other groups).  Do you realise what a talented bunch you are?????
I have taken quite some photos of the quilts displayed prior to being packed up.

So, I am showing below, two photos taken at the weekend.... can you spot your handiwork?

Over the next few days I will send information and photos about our time at Intercare.
Keep checking the blog!

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