Saturday 7 July 2012

COSBY QUILTERS MEETING - Wednesday 4 July 2012

Considering the dire weather (which we might just be getting used to), we had a great turn out for our monthly meeting.
We have another new member (welcome Jane), several visitors, and ladies actually travelled from Nottingham.  So thank you one and all.

It was a great evening thanks to our speaker Claire Tinsley from Hannah's Room.  She told us 'her story', and it's amazing how she manages to create such beautiful work,  and often in a short space of time.
Sue was ably assisted by Mr Tinsley (didn't get round to asking his Christian name), who is very  knowledgeable about her quilts, as well as setting up and handling the sales tables.  

Must say, I could not resist the yummy batiks, such beautiful colours, and ab excellent quality too.  Come August I will be heading off to Hannah's Room at the NEC - just to take a peek!!!!

One of the highlights of our meeting was to receive so many quilts for the babies and children in Africa.  These are being sent out with Intercare, (not Mercy Ships), a Syston  based charity. They send donated medicines out to African countries, and our quilts will find their way to orphanages, clinics and hospitals.
This appeal which was mentioned barely a month ago, and has brought forth, 65 quilts.  

Do you think we can make it to 100???
Please note, we have plenty of the small size now, and are seeking cot sized quilts.

SEW-IN DAYThis is taking place at Ashby Magna Village Hall on Friday 20 July from 10 to 4.  The aim is to work together to create more quilts.  Those who can bring machines please do so, but we will need help with pressing, cutting, sewing in the new COSBY QUILTERS labels, making tea, washing up etc.  it's a case of ALL HANDS ON DECKS GIRLS!
Bring a packed lunch.  Drinks and biscuits provided.
Bring any spare material and wadding if you have it.
This day is a massive leap of faith, and we really need your  support. Even if you come for just a few hours.

As ever we are conscious that our members have varying degrees of experience with patchwork and quilting.  So, to that end, we are thinking of forming small self help groups.  Whichever technique you require help with, we will try to find a member who can demonstrate and explain 'how it's done'.
Here again, it's something new, and make take a little time to get off the ground.  Thank you to those ladies who requested help, your committee are working on it!

We thought it might be useful to have a Wanted/For Sale spot on our blog, so if you are upgrading your sewing machine (or any sewing/craft item), why not let us know.  This is obviously free, and could prove useful for both a seller and buyer.
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  1. I also enjoyed the meeting last week - great to see some contemporary quilts with paint & stitch - thought the couple were both really charming.

    Looking forward to the sew-in day!! I have recently had a room clear so have lots of fabric scraps people can use for the quilts. x