Wednesday 19 April 2023

May Speaker - Stitchywoowoo

Our speaker for the May Meeting is Sally Hutson of Stitchywoowoo.  Her talk is entitled "How did I Get Here".

Sally Hutson is a textile artist who uses a variety of techniques to produce one off textiles.

Embroiderer, Quilter and Doll Maker, her range of work is exciting and innovative. She has a passion for antique and vintage textiles and uses many old pieces in her work. She also combines commercial printed fabrics with many of her hand dyed fabrics. Every work is a unique one off piece of art.

Sally has an MA in Textiles and Anthropology. She has lectured full time in the History of Textiles and Applied Textiles. As a Textile Historian Sally believes old and worn cloth have memory held within the weave and threads. She stitches these fading memories into a beautiful rich narrative of past times and lives.

Sally runs workshops and gives talks to groups. 


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