Thursday 2 July 2020

Thankful project

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The Thankful Project

The THANKFUL project is something that has been created in response to our current Health Care crisis. We are living in unknown territory which will have a lasting effect on many people and its effects broad and undiscriminating. Lives are being transformed by working and living in isolation, and the news only delivers more sad stories and statistics.

 It could be very easy to let anxiety and sadness take over during these times. This project aims to address this through focusing on the things we are Thankful for , and an opportunity to show gratitude whilst not only taking part in an activity that is so good for you but as a way of documenting this time , what it has meant to individuals and how it may have forced us to re-evaluate what is important in life .


We would like to create a communal Art piece made up of individual ‘patches ‘of fabric to communicate and reflect our feelings of gratitude during this time of isolation. Using any fabric you have available : leftover fabric scraps , old clothes , old linen , a tea towel . We would like you to hand embroider and / or Applique  apply one fabric to another ) onto it using words or imagery to answer the brief ‘I AM THANKFUL FOR ‘ . There is no right or wrong answer, it will be unique and personal to you some examples could be, my dog, family , friends, sunshine , laughter , music , the Sky[41]  ,my sister  Chocolate , my settee . The possibilities are endless and you are welcome to do more than one if you like. Your Patch will be sewn together to form part of a large Art Patchwork which we hope to display in community venues across the Leicester City.  Workshops will be on offer in order to bring Patches and people together, giving participants the opportunity to discuss their Patch , what it means to them , and document it in writing in order to keep a record of this unpresented , strange and scary times . We hope to move the Art Piece  around different venues in Leicester/ Leicestershire , with the aim for viewers to connect with it , react to it and be given the opportunity to contribute to the written documentation .


The traditional practice of patchworking came from using leftover fabric and whatever was available to create something useful. Patchworks became treasured pieces made up of meaningful scraps where memories came alive. PATCHWORKS are unique, individual pieces full of love, and memories … Our THANKFUL PATCHWORK will work in just the same way, bringing personal stories of gratitude together to create and document THANKS.


 According to Recent research published by the University College London’s MARCH mental health network , formed in 2018 with Members including the Crafts Council  and the Museums association shows that engaging with the Visual Arts can reduce Anxiety , Depression and loneliness . The Arts are linked with dopamine release which encourages cognitive flexibility, and they can reportedly  reduce our risk of dementia .  Being totally absorbed in an activity either , sporting or creative can Psychologists report create what is known as the ‘FLOW’ state where your mind is totally absorbed into an activity , your thoughts are only ‘IN ‘ what you are doing and not playfully distracted by other things going on around you , this is really good for your mind


The fabric you choose should be non stretchy and measure either-




Embellish your patch using your chosen technique to communicate whatever you feel THANKFUL for.


Once You’ve created your patch we’d love for you to share it on our FB page or if you’d prefer email a picture to –

After this period of isolation is over you will have the opportunity to come along to a workshop at the Leicester DMU Gallery to share what you have created with other participants. The aim will be to join the patches together, share experiences and document by reflecting in writing what you have been THANKFUL for during this time. If you can’t or don’t want to visit a workshop then you can post your patch to us and we will add your Patch on your behalf. Postal to Katie Barradell , Vijay Patel , Mill Lane , Leicester LE2 7FA


This project is open to anyone living in Leicester or Leicestershire or anyone who has a connection with Leicester e.g Students previously/ currently studying here. We will be offering workshops to support the making of the patches and are currently planning these for Autumn 2020.

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