Saturday 26 October 2019

November Speaker

Our speaker for November is Moira Neal and her talk is entitled "Tuscany in Photos".

Moira Neal is a free machine artist and she loves to up cycle old cotton sheets to use in her work.  She enjoys dyeing, printing, stamping, marbling and appliqueing them to create her own unique cloth.  She no longer makes large bed quilts and now concentrates on making quirky work which she can use for her range of greetings cards.

She has had mobility problems and as a consequence wrote
her first book called 'Colourful Canvas Landscapes.  In the last few years she has won a number of prizes for her quilts and at the 2017 Malvern show her Gardener's World themed quilt won first prize for fabric painting and printing and overall championship as well.

She holds workshops in her studio for up to four people.  The days include a two course lunch.  Alternatively she can do a workshop for your group as she will be doing for us on the 7th November.

The workshop is 'Colourful Canvas Landscapes' when we will be able to paint onto canvases first and then applique colourful fabrics on to them and carelessly free machine them in place with plenty of wonky black stitching as if we are sketching with a black pen.

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