Thursday 19 April 2018

Katharine Guerrier Workshop

Patchwork Postcards and Pinboard Quilts.

Learn to manage composition with shapes and colours on a miniature scale of 6½" x 4½" Piecing techniques include curved seams, strips and prairie points. Each 'postcard' is interlined with 'stitch 'n' tear', backed with handmade paper, then machine quilted ready to frame or mount onto a small canvas. A miniature 'Art Quilt'. They are also ideal for individual greetings cards. In a one day workshop you will have time to make several finished postcards to explore the principles of abstract shapes, line, form and colour. Another option is to make a 'Pinboard Quilt' a small quilt using similar techniques which is finished with wadding and quilted by machine. Lots of samples to inspire you on the day.

Additional Requirements.

  • sewing machine with the quarter inch foot if possible.
  • Fine pins. One or two sheet of A4 tracing paper.


  • About half a metre of Stitch ‘n’ Tear and Half a metre of Bondaweb.
  • Small pieces of fabric in bright colours in the marbled batiks, Moda marbles (or similar) or hand dyed. If you want to work with patterned fabrics, small scale prints are better as these will fit into the scale you will be working on. Choose fabrics with a fairly high thread count (In other words not loosely woven, the batiks are good for this) Quarters or smaller pieces will be sufficient: about 6 - 7 different colours minimum in a variety of values.
  • A sheet of hand made paper, available from Art shops, or I can supply pieces.
  • Machine quilting thread in variegated colours to go with your fabrics.
  • For the Pinboard Quilt you will need a piece of wadding about 15" Square and a square of backing fabric the same size.

  • Small bits of embroidery or interesting fabrics such those printed with motifs can be incorporated in these quilts, so if you have anything like this bring it along.

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