Sunday 21 August 2016

Speaker for September

Our speaker for September is Anne Moore.  Her talk is entitled

"How did I get here?" 

It is a light hearted talk about her work, a look at how it has developed over the years and what continues to inspire her.

An example of her work.

Recently Anne has decided to use her married name and now wishes to be known as Anne Hellyer.

She created her website to introduce 
her painted and stitched textiles to a wider audience.
She loves paint and she loves textiles and she combines the two in her work.
She hand paints all the fabric she uses and then prints the finer details, and embellishes with machine stitch. Each piece is individually designed,
She creates work that is flexible - able to change location as the mood takes you!
To that end each piece is self supporting. They do not require frames - can be either free standing or wall mounted - manipulated into a shape or hung "flat".

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