Tuesday 22 March 2016

Speaker for April Meeting 6th April 2016

Gilli Theokritoff -  Her talk is entitled "Please don't look at the back".

Gilli Theokritoff is  a quilt artist, who is endlessly fascinated by fabric and pattern and all the possibilities they hold. Her background is in commercial design, which helps her to translate the influences around her into strong, graphic quilts.
She loves to explore colour and new techniques and she is on a quest to find as many uses of 'freezer paper' as she can discover...
She teaches textile courses and workshops and belongs to two exhibiting textiles groups.

Gilli and an example of her work.

She will also be teaching a workshop on Wednesday afternoon.  There is an example below but different images will be available.

Details of the workshop can be found on the workshop page.

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