Saturday 4 May 2013


At our monthly meeting last Wednesday, we were given a 'mountain' of quilts, from various places;-
Village Quilters, Chris Ingham and her Ladies, Janice Cook and other people.
(forgive me if I have not mentioned your  name, but I was so amazed and so overwhelmed at the quantity and quality of the donations).
This came from a mere 'mention' a month earlier, when we were told about  Ward 28 in our local hospital.
It is for babies and children, and young people who are sadly in hospital for long periods.
Emma Green, the Ward Sister, felt it would be good for the patients to have bright cheerful quilts on their beds, she mentioned it to her friend Natasha, who mentioned it to Chris Ingham, and Cosby Quilters.
Lo and behold, no sooner said than Done!!!!!
A total of 34 quilts were brought to the Wednesday meeting, and handed to Emma.
Needless to say, she was absolutely delighted.
I know there are many more quilts 'in progress'.
Once again, this is testimony to the generous and kind hearted ladies who quilt.
Word gets around, and miracles happen!!

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